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Fashionista NOW: 7 Statement Tassel Earrings Jewelry Inspiration

7 Statement Tassel Earrings Jewelry Inspiration

Tassel earrings; If you didn’t get to wear them for spring/summer, wear them now as a statement earring.

If you’re a lover of statement earrings, you’d probably have seen that tassel earrings have had quite a spotlight as an earring style go-to for the spring and summer.

I had seen them on a number of fashion bloggers before but wasn’t as gleeful about the earring trend as I’ve ears that are just so fussy, they prefer studs. As I was trawling the jewelry inspo space which is Etsy earlier as per usual, I spotted the dangly tassel earrings once again and this time, gave them a closer inspection. And what a revelation it was as I realized they have this elongating effect on the face which I somehow eluded me before as I usually avoid dangly type of earrings.

There are many styles of tassel (or fringe) earrings you will find online and offline and the tassels can be made of fabric, leather, beads, gold and silver metal or a mixture of everything and more. I’m a new fan of the simple long fringe fabric look that may carry beads, pearls or a generally simple metalwork as I really think the focus should be on the tassels themselves: long, good quality ones that are splashed in vibrant or soft pastel colors. 

If you have long hair, you can opt for a really long tassel earring that can act as a temporary faux hair highlight, which can be quite fun but as my hair is layered in a short shoulder bob, the tassel length that hits about the mid neck to the clavicle bone would be most suitable for me.

I wouldn’t wear a long tassel earring out on a hot day simply because that things can get pretty sweaty fast over here and I think that a cooler season like the upcoming Autumn/Winter would be the the right time to don this delightful statement ear piece.

Without further ado, enjoy these 7 statement tassel earrings that you can surely sport no matter the season!


7 Swingy Tassel Earrings To Call Your Own This Season:


vintagefables | dusty pink silk tassel earrings



Pololoo | statement green tassel earrings



MadeByAstrid | ombre pink blue tassel earrings



AmKooi | statement red tassel earrings



TheBlackCoral | white fringe tassel earrings



ReasonToBePretty | vintage bead purple tassel earrings



candyfoxx | double sided leather tassel earrings

Which of these tassel earrings do you see yourself wearing? Share as I’d love to know!

I’ll have to put more earrings on. I bet that someone could analyze me and tell my condition by my earrings.Edie Sedgwick

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