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Kawaii Fashion Inspo ~ Cloud Patterned Sweater

Kawaii Fashion Inspo ~ Cloud Patterned Sweater
Credit: atolyemimu

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This affiliate post features a look into the kawaii fashion from all across the globe. Keep the space bookmarked if you’re into keeping up with adorable fashion trends and designs. 

Cloud gazer, this one is for you.

A cold and cloudy weather calls for really adorable cloud sweater (or cardi, if you roll that route).

Call it a jumper, pullover whatever, clouds on a sweater (and cardigan) are the cutest kawaii things to have ever greeted the fashion sphere. As you can already probably tell by my tense fascination with clouds which is utterly common, by the way, I’d spent last Monday night looking at a bunch of cloud patterned sweaters (and cardis) to narrow down a list of ten that will hopefully part the metaphorical clouds in your head when you find yourself wearing any one of these cloud-punctuated creations.

On a random note, clouds are a feature on the header of my personal blog too, if you’re interested to see.

When the clouds part, there might be a visual sea of blue on a good day or a very enthusiastic sun shining at you. If it’s still terribly gloomy even when the clouds disappear, why not wear a cute cloud sweater or cardigan to get you going.

Grab your favorite drink or snack or both because we’re going to feast our eyes on the cutest cloud sweaters and cardis around Etsy:

Kawaii cloud sweaters & cardigans to top your cold weather OOTD:

colorblock crochet cloud sweater
colorblock crochet cloud sweater // shoploveshore
loose fit cloud sweater
loose fit cloud sweater // MelbZone
cloud print cardigan buttoned with pockets
cloud print cardigan buttoned with pockets // Allmadetoyou
chunky crop knit cloud cardigan
chunky crop knit cloud cardigan // Kntslab
vintage style cloud hoodie
vintage style cloud hoodie // Marshmalloo
cloud print round neck sweater // BohemeBySegah
fluffy cloud kawaii sweater
fluffy cloud kawaii sweater // TrendyFitStore
blue sky cloud chunky cardi
blue sky cloud chunky cardi // atolyemimu
crop knit cloud pattern cardigan
crop knit cloud pattern cardigan // TCTTOONS
3D cloud kawaii aesthetic sweater
3D cloud kawaii aesthetic sweater // INDVapparel

What do you think of these cloud cardigans and sweaters? Which is already dissipating the clouds in your head?

Share below! I love hearing from you.

We love cute fashion that triggers all kinds of good feelings.

Kindly email us if you would love to have your own unique kawaii fashion collection featured in this space. We’d love to hear from you!

Till the next one, keep healthy, move your body, nourish it well and make time for meditation!

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