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Fashionista NOW: 10 Cutest Brooch Pins To Make A Statement With In 2016

10 Cutest Brooch Pins To Make A Statement With In 2016

TEN brooch pins to kickstart your 2016 with a dose of kawaii.

They say brooch pins are making a return in 2016 and I say, yay, because I’ve just received one of the prettiest brooches from Etsy as a holiday gift that reminds me of the cover of a favorite book of mine, Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut! I’m not sure how I would wear it yet but I cannot stop eyeballing the little bling.

A massive thank you to Etsy for being such a darling – we really appreciate the gesture! Anyway, the excitement over my new brooch aside, I have curated a list of 10 adorable brooches you can call your own to kickstart the new year with a punch of kawaii-ness.


Let’s dive in, shall we?


10 Must-Have Brooches To Make A Kawaii Statement With This New Year 2016


Feminist Brooch


| SayonaraBaby

As a female, I’m familiar with the annoying requests of how and when I should smile more often. As if I’ve no working brains to notify my own facial muscles to contract when I feel like smiling. I’m not sure if guys experience this in the same way that we do but if you’ve been told to smile more for some reason that your resting facial state acts like a prompt for such requests, I feel you. And that is why this brooch is too cool to pass! You can also get this in a keyring form!


Banana Cat Brooch


| PearlsToPigeons

As a lover of furry felines and the occasional banana that I will sometimes microwave and gobble with Greek yogurt, this brooch is has all the right ingredients for happiness! Note how cute it is. This brooch comes in a ready for gift-giving package. If you dislike bananas, know that Giusi, creator accepts a challenge in the form of customization. Get in contact so you can select other fruit of choice to go with the kitty.


Cloud Rainbow Brooch


| allmylittlethings

If you have love for clouds and rainbows (who doesn’t, eh?), this one-of-a-kind brooch is sure a smile-inducing piece to get you through the cold and uninspiring weather and mental states.


Female Power Brooch


| foreverbrokeforever

We don’t need to love everyone we meet but we certainly can let go of the unreasonable hostility directed against our fellow sisters! This brooch embodies the spirit of the IISuperwomanII also known as Lilly Singh’s powerful message in her latest #GirlLove Challenge which you have to see and share with everyone you know because girl-on-girl hate is NOT cool. The cool bit: All revenue from this video will be donated to the Malala Fund in support of educating girls around the world. Support!

**oh wow, that was quick, this brooch has been snatched!

UPDATE: The brooch pin is back!!


Peace Hand Brooch


| kateslittlestore

The world could do with more peace and if you feel like expressing your stance on this through a little gesture, here’s a brooch shaped in a hand holding a peace sign. All profits from the sale of each brooch goes to Oxfam (a leading UK charity that helps to fight global poverty) as part of Kate Rowland’s London marathon efforts.


Rainbow Unicorn Brooch


| SketchInc

Because who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows, right? This comes in a little gift box ready to delight the unicorn-lover in your life or yourself. For more unicorn bling bling, be sure to ogle my previous post.


Rain Cloud Brooch


| acoupleofsmiles

This brooch makes me so happy because it looks like it’s struggling to release a few drops of rain echoing a certain situation some of us experience in the comfort of a loo. A cute cloud brooch to get a conversation going, for sure! Instead of raindrops, you can opt for lightning strikes. The maker of this brooch draws inspiration from the Scottish weather when she created this and shared a nugget of wisdom: Take it (insert any situation in your life) with a pinch of salt and try to be happy anyways!


Red Heart Brooch


| anitaivancenko

This beautiful heart brooch begs to be pinned on your person or a backpack or something else to remind you that in the grand scheme of things, all that matters in the end is kindness.


Retro Fashion Brooch


| trees4thewood

Inspired from a 1960’s Australian Home Journal magazine, this brooch is of a fabulous woman clad in her vintage dress. A perfect gift for a brooch collector or those with a passion for the 1950s era.


Red Lips Brooch


| alphabetsuitcase

This brooch comes in a glossy finish. It is water-resistant and sturdy enough to be pinned onto your coat or jacket. Red lips make quite a statement and instant mood-lifter and an extra pair would definitely help to make you feel even better.


What do you think of our brooch list? How would you wear brooches in 2016? Share below – I love reading your thoughts!

“I could never be in a cult. For starters, they never accessorize properly. David Koresh had no fashion sense, Jim Jones wore leisure suits, and I don’t care how charismatic Osama bin Laden was, an AK-47 and an insulin drip do not take the place of drop earrings or a well-placed brooch.”Joan Rivers

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