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Jewelry Storage + Display: Where Do I Put All These Stud Earrings?

Credit: LaserMEDesigns

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Display and organize your stud earrings with the help of something wooden and aesthetically-pleasing.

With a lot of earrings, comes a lot of storing challenges.

For those who are hunting down for a sleek and chic sustainable option of a jewelry display, this post is dedicated especially for you.

Lasered and engraved wooden earring stands can be a way to separate and organize your earrings. These wooden displays in particular work best with stud earrings. If you have plenty of studs, then one of these wooden holders will not only be the perfect stand to display your studs, it will also elevate the space where it is located. Whether it is by your vanity or a corner of your room designated for jewelry, you just can’t deny the appeal of these stands! I love wood-inspired things and seeing these really got me excited and I hope you will like them too!

For a look at unique wooden stud earring displays that combines both function and aesthetics, scroll away and enjoy!

Eye-Catching Wooden Display Styles For Your Earrings

Wooden Earring Holder Mandala Style / LaserMEDesigns
Round Geometric Earring Wooden Holder / LaserMEDesigns
Wooden Earring Display Mandala Engraved / LaserMEDesigns
Wooden Earrings Display Hanger / LaserMEDesigns
Wooden Mandala Jewelry Stand / LaserMEDesigns

Which wood earring stand/holder is your favorite? Share below!

To feast your eyes on these wooden jewelry stands in greater detail, please visit LaserMEDesigns.



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