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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear The Tranquil Shibori Blue Tie Dye Trend?

How To Wear The Tranquil Shibori Blue Tie Dye Trend?

Credit | earthernwear

A pop of natural blue that triggers feelings of calm and serenity with a tie dye twist.

Aside from the vibrant florals and lively prints one become tempted to wear with the sun out from behind the clouds, there’s the shibori blue tie dye that makes me feel oh so calm, I don’t know why. Tie dyes can include a variety of colors but I’m zoning in on the shibori blue as it is the monochromatic kind making it a super versatile option for many people. Plus, it makes me feel closer to the natural indigo blue of the sky and the vast sea.

Shibori, by the way, is an ancient Japanese technique of creating patterns on textile through the method of shaping and securing cloth before patterning it. With this natural blue that’s so zen in vibes, you can make the print part of your summer essential as it has such a laidback cool style.

Whether you’re plotting to dress from top to toe in the blue tie dye print or not, it doesn’t matter as there are endless clothing inspired by it and you might just like it enough to wear one solo piece at at time. I for one, have been carrying a canvas tote that has a shibori blue tie dye on it and it’s been my current favorite bag to carry for a while now.

Inspired to further infiltrate my wardrobe with more of this natural blue tie dye look, I’ve gathered a list to help you and I to get in the mood for it. I hope you will enjoy looking at these beautiful handmade creations!


Loose Summer Shibori Blouse


| earthernwear


Shibori Blue Tie Dye Kimono


| Thaisicha


Roomy Shibori Blue Kaftan Top


| earthernwear


Shibori Blue Tunic Dress


| ranipink


Sleeveless Midi Shibori Blue Dress




Tie Dye Shibori Blue Bohemian Dress


| Thaisicha


Summer Shibori Blue Kimono


| Thaisicha


Which shibori blue piece of clothing would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

“Nothing good stands without the right attitude. You may know how to do it, but if the attitude is negative, all you can say is “I could have done it”.”Israelmore Ayivor

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