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Fashionista NOW: The Polka Dot Tulip Dress To Wear For A Dressy Summer OOTD

The Polka Dot Tulip Dress To Wear For A Dressy Summer OOTD

The dress for those in love with tulips and partial to tulip skirts.

Love tulips? Why not wear them in the form of a dress, we suggest.

These polka dot dresses come in a tulip style skirt design that is hard to resist. For those with a lower torso that leans on the slender side, a tulip dress such as this can bring an added volume to the area below the waist. The tulip cut on the skirt part of the dress with the strategic folds on the sides of the skirt can create volume on those with slender hips. With a polka dot print that proves to be highly versatile and easy to wear all year long, it’s not hard to make this your summer dress go-to.

I am loving the short cap sleeves as it brings something retro to the look as well as the cinched waist that further accentuates the volume from the tulip skirt. The form-flattering dress comes in three options that are all highly wearable: black and white, deep ink blue and a more vibrant blue.

Rendered in a boat neckline with zip fastening, the dress is streamlined for a dressy summer look. Another feature that adds a charm into the dress is the waist sash that ties into a back bow, again, adding volume to the hips for those who want that specifically in a dress. The functional side pockets are highly appreciated and overall, the dress is simply beautiful that I’m calling it a must-have for you dress lovers.



Black And White Polka Dot Tulip Dress


| shop here


Vibrant Blue Polka Dot Tulip Dress


| shop here


Ink Blue Polka Dot Tulip Dress


| shop here


Which polka dot tulip dress would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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