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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Teal Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Olivia Lazuardy

Do you find it hard to style the bluish green color that is teal? Fret not, we’ve got it figured for you!

Teal or Biscay Bay (Pantone’s fancy name for the shade) has been forecast as one of the ten colors for Autumn 2015 for both men and women’s fashion. For me, teal is a color that can be a tad difficult to style as it’s not a color that I naturally gravitate when it comes to my default wardrobe color palette. I love denim blue and think deep green is amazing but somewhere in between where teal is involved, it’s all a blur.

It’s one of those colors that gives me pause when I see it on clothes. Although I can pretty much just pair it easily with black and call it a day, I have found that it does work excellent with dusty gray. The only teal piece of garment I have is a cardigan and wearing it with grey skinnies does showcase a more mellow color-block effect as opposed to wearing it with a black bottom.

For more ways to wear teal and other colors to pair it with, draw in some style pointers below:

Teal + Navy Blue + Black

| Anoushka P.

Teal + Neon + Red + Brown + Black

| Evilish Queeny

Teal + Pink + White + Brown

| Kileen Valenzuela

Teal + Navy Blue

| Rossella Padolino

Teal + Tangerine + White + Brown

| Annie Anti

Teal + Gold + Black

| Jessica R.

What other colors do you combine with teal besides these colors? Share below – I’m curious to know!

“Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.”John Sterling

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2 comments to Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Teal Fashion Inspiration

  • The darker teals are stunning, and who knew they would complement dark hair so well? Teal does indeed seem like one of those colours that can be difficult to pull off, but your expertly curated selection of teal looks managed to convince me to try it out this summer :)

    Jasmin xx

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