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Fashionista NOW: 8 Affordable Trapeze Bags Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Modern Dame

Are you on a hunt for a stylish trapeze bag that will not blow a hole in your budget? Then, you must check out our ready-t-shop bag list!

Trapeze bag first entered the scene way back in 2011 through the luxurious brand Celine with their bold trapeze bags carrying the signature wide side flaps (or luggage wings) and a rather bloated price tag. My first impression of the bag was that although it’s lovely in the way that it’s architectural in design but I’m tempted to quickly fold the flaps back into the inner part of the bag, which you can actually do, by the way.

I felt that the undone sides extend the width of the bag unnecessarily and thus wasn’t a fan. My mother, on the other hand, just recently fell in love with a more toned down version of the trapeze bag and was seriously considering purchasing it at the local boutique. But because it was sort of branded (I forgot what brand!) and beyond what we’re willing to spend, she has delegated the delightful duty of hunting down a much more affordable trapeze style bag to me!

If you’re a fan of the trapeze bag trend (with a much narrow side flaps) and would like to stay economical, the list of trapezium-shaped bags below may just appeal to you:

8 Trapeze Bags With A Kinder Price Tag:


red trapeze tote ← SHOP HERE


black trapeze tote ← SHOP HERE


silver trapezium slingbag ← SHOP HERE


gold ringlet trapeze tote ← SHOP HERE


black trapeze shoulder handbag ← SHOP HERE


textured trapeze work tote ← SHOP HERE


mint casual trapeze bag ← SHOP HERE


croc trapeze shoulder bag ← SHOP HERE


These bags are ONLY available for shoppers of ZALORA Malaysia & Brunei!

For new shoppers: Get a 15% OFF by using code ZBAPedJ at checkout.


For returning shoppers: use code FESTIVEOFF to get 18% OFF on your purchase (with No Minimum Spend!)

What do you honestly think of trapeze bags? Spill your thoughts below – I’d love to know!

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