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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Smock Dresses Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Natalie

What is a smock dress and does it suit your body shape? Let’s find out.

One denim smock dress was spotted on the tall and slender Alexa Chung as she attended her AG Jeans launch earlier in the year. She wore it with a pair of black booties and I kind of like how she kept it super simple – not a single jewelry was to be seen!

So how does one define a smock dress? What is its signature silhouette and is it suitable for your body shape?

It has been described as having a loose and shapeless construction – often compared in exaggeration to a tent or sack. To be specific, a smock dress is a relaxed style of dress that tapers out from the neckline/bust. The top may be gathered into a yoke or through smocking at the bust.

But what then is smocking? Smocking a fabric is done by gathering fabric to one-third of its width and then sewing over the gathers so that the fabric can stretch. Clothes for infants and toddlers usually feature this fabric work.

For a look at how you can wear the smock dress style and some fashion tips, scroll away:

| Anna

A smock dress seen on tall and thin models often lends the appeal of that classic, effortless bohemian vibe. The shape or rather a very relaxed unstructured silhouette of the dress allow our focus to rest upon the usually slender limbs attached on said models.

| Carly Maddox

With closer inspection, you will notice that from the neck until about below the bust, the fit is pretty close to the body and this poses a certain challenge for ladies with a fuller or generally larger-endowed chest area.

| Sheila Joy

For thin small-chested ladies no matter the height, with long arms and legs, the dress can be quite flattering. You can wear it by itself with bare legs or layer up with tights, leggings or pants to suit the weather.

| Maria Station

Some people refer to the dress as a style suited for pregnant ladies and you can obviously see the reason why a smock dress makes for a comfy maternity wear as its silhouette — like the babydoll dress — doesn’t cling to the tummy area.

| Kim Sweet Monday

Naturally, this also makes it a great dress to wear for the hotter season!

| Milagros Plaza

The lack of waist-definition on the smock dress can easily make it appear tent-like and if you are endowed with a bigger bust, the narrow top area may drape over the bust and hang off and end up making you look fuller than you like.

| Sarah Worcestor

For pear-shaped small chested ladies, blessed with a bigger middle, hip and thigh area, the smock dress is a great style to wear as it helps lessen the attention put on the area.

| Rebekah D.

The reason why I am fascinated with this dress style is because it works for the generally humid Malaysian weather. The less a fabric clings on my person is always the better. But then again, there is the issue with being mistaken as an expecting mother if the fabric awkwardly flares out too much giving the illusion that I’m hiding a baby bump.

| Amy S.

A good way to bring in back some waist definition (if needed) is to wear a skinny belt. But I find that it defeats the purpose of wearing the smock dress in the first place.

So, what do YOU think of the smock dress style? Is it the kind of dress that you see yourself wearing? Let me know down in the comments – I love reading your thoughts!

“I get told all the time that I’m a fashion icon now, but I don’t really know what that means. I just get dressed.”Taylor Momsen

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