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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Ripped Knee Jeans For Christmas Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Cleo

Feeling a little rebellious? Instead of wearing sequined dresses for Christmas, wear jeans with busted knees! Style inspiration to follow.

The crooners of One Direction wear them. One Directioners wear them too: Skinny jeans with busted knees. Yup, ripped jeans have completely transformed themselves. Instead of being mildly distressed or just a little tattered but not to the point where a part of your leg is now purposely let out to see the sun, so to the speak, the young and trendy seem to be captivated by the ripped-in-the-knee jeans.

Of course, age should not stop you from updating your predictable wardrobe with something this edgy and angsty. As long as you don’t have a complicated relationship with your knees, that is. This should be a fun endeavor too, particularly if it’s worn in jest. Those with extra pretty knees, here’s a denim trend to invest as it’s no longer fresh to bare the utterly predictable chest/back/midriff/whole leg when you have cute knees to tease and confuse.

My Funny Knees

For me, intact skinny jeans still remain dear to my heart especially now with the cooler weather we’re experiencing here. Thanks to the monsoon season, the leg-hugging denim gets a routine feature. Nevertheless, I would not be as so bold as to lob off the knee bits just to go with the flow of such a trend. But you could, of course! Come the time when ripped knee denim becomes a fashion derelict, you can always patch them up like these cute elbow patch tops or the patchwork denim.

Back to the subject of knees: As I have mentioned recently, my knees do not like being put under the spotlight. It may be partly be a body-image thing but common sense does dictate that when it’s cold, I prefer my knees covered along with other relevant parts of my legs (and body). But hey, that’s just me. Plus, who says fashion has to work within ‘logical’ lines, right?

So anyway, let us eyeball the fashion imagery below to learn how to best let the knee play peek-a-boo even when it’s cold outside and maybe let it rip this Christmas holiday season. Even if you don’t care for the trend, now you’ll have a fashionable reason not to chuck your jeans away if they ever develop holes, even gigantic ones over time. Sell them on eBay as a vintage – it’ll be a win-win.

Now, on to the looks:

| Kayla Seah

I can’t get over how super chic Kayla’s wardrobe is. Gray, white, black, denim blue – such classic colors! Intro the busted knees, she surely knows how to punctuate her ensemble with an oomph factor that will get a thumbs up from Harry Styles.

| Muny B.

So it’s cold outside but bearable enough to have your knees stick out to absorb the rays of the sun? Wear it like Muny – cropped knit + high-waisted cuffed denim with the trendy slashed knee + platform sandals.

| Sonja Rychkova

Weather-confused wardrobe is IN. Remember how wearing shorts and knee-high boots or Ugg boots got the fashion quarters hot and cold? Now let your knees out in your ripped knee skinny jeans paired with a turtleneck top that’s layered with a long coat and your feet in comfy trainers. Eyes will roll with adoration (or not, who cares!)

| Tweety Ho

If letting both knees out seems a tad too much, know that you can have one solo knee (the knee you love best!) perform the visual tease. Tweety’s jeans are actually ripped on both knees but you’ve been teased by one of her knees! I kneed to stop mentioning knees too many times.

| Jessica Sheppard

And here’s a simple way to style a ripped knee denim – wear with a white sweatshirt. Distract with cobalt blue loafers should you need another visual pop in the form of color.

MORE ways to style the ripped knee jeans:

Untitled #683

| creative set by Shimaa

loving ripped jeans

| creative set by depressed but well dressed

Inspired outfit with ripped jeans

| creative set by hayley carbran


| creative set by elvirasuperman

What do you think of the ripped knee jeans trend? Share your thoughts and let us know below!

“Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.”Diane von Furstenberg

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