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Fashionista NOW: Chic Patchwork Denim Fashion Inspiration

Want to set yourself a part in a sea of denim blues this spring/summer while still wearing denim? Consider the trend reworked in artistic patchwork.

Denim jeans, shirts, skirts, and accessories are shedding their predictable clean look with a visual update that sees them in patches.

If battered jeans are the kind of denim style that rocks your boat, it is impossible for you to stay away from the strategically-stitched squares in darker or lighter wash of blue and giving your spring wardrobe a much needed spruce.

And if you’d like to marry two denim trends in the same outfit, rejoice because patchwork denim may also be accompanied with purposefully frayed detailing to achieve that unrestrained laidback aesthetic that the fashion zeitgeist is yet again fixated with.

Whatever denim wash you naturally lean into, this season’s denim gets it all; from sun-bleached, stonewashed to creatively deconstructed to fit your ever-transforming fashion fancy.

As always, to the fashion imagery below for a guide on how to wear patchwork denim and look your raddest this season:

patchwork boyfriend jeans – Glassons

patchwork denim – Rich & Skinny

patchwork denim shirt – Jeane Blush

distressed and patched jeans

patchwork denim – Asos

Welcome spring with a burst of pink, quirky sneakers and a pair of whimsically patched denim that you can create at home:

D.I.Y. Denim

For a semi-serious look, go denim on patchwork denim accented with a pair of crimson red sensible shoes and a bag with a handle in the same shade:

Girls // Leaves // Red-ish

For a fun spring take on your wardrobe with patchwork denim, get them strategically distressed as well. Don’t forget to include a pop of your favorite spring color and a floral twist through printed heels:

denim & Yellow spring fling

For a timeless rendition of your wardrobe that speaks of all-year versatility, opt for skinny jeans executed with subtle patchwork and pair with a black and white striped top. Finish with a satchel and a pair of boat shoes in a neutral tan hue:

Patchwork Denim

And last but certainly not the least, go the monochromatic route with shades of blue by teaming a basic white top and a patchwork denim pencil skirt along with a shopper bag rendered in a similar styling. Accent to taste with jewelry in tranquil blue:

Denim Skirt

So ladies and gents, which of the looks here make you want to break out in patchwork denim this season? What do you think of both distressed and patched up denim trends? Let us know below!

“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style.”Ritu Kumar

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