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Fashionista NOW: Heart-Thumping Red Dresses For Christmas Fashion Inspiration

Red dresses are no doubt versatile – Perfect for almost every occasion! If you’re thinking of wearing one for the upcoming Christmas celebration but have not decided on which red dress style to wear yet, then let us help you!

Dresses have gone such an elaborate revolution throughout our history-rich fashion eras. Nowadays, the variety of shapes and silhouettes, hem and sleeve styles/lengths as are the necklines carry a mixture of the past and present that you will be swarmed by choice. The modern day dresser can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of dresses alone and that is why it’s best to keep it simple and organized from the very beginning.

Choose your dress style, lady!

Firstly, pick a solid color that complements your complexion. For this piece, we’ve decided to go for red. Next, the overall shape and cut of your dress. Are you fond of the babydoll dress style? Is the skater dress more flattering to your figure? Perhaps you are more of a shift dress gal? Are you the kind who dresses to flaunt your heaven-gifted assets? Then, a body-fitting bandage or bodycon red dress will be very high on your list. Do you like to show off your toned legs? A short mini dress is a definite must.

For me, I have a new-found appreciation for a dress that is kind to my middle section. I’m not implying that I’ve let my belly go, of course not. There is a more practical reason behind this and it is to do with me being prone to bloating and loving food to not indulge. Thus it’s of utmost importance to be wrapped in something comfortable like the babydoll dress or simply, a loose-fitting one.

The fabric of the dress too must be considered. A lightweight breathable cotton will do if the setting is out in the nature with the tropical sun high in the sky. For a more chilled (temperature-wise) setting, a cropped jacket or a pretty shawl will help keep the body temperature at an optimum level. For winter-afflicted regions, a proper coat is only sensible. As for the hemline, I’d go for a midi, as the knees are pretty shy.

What red dress to wear for Christmas?

My shy knees aside, let us scour the list below for some ravishing red dress style inspiration and hope that you’ll find just the right red dress style to wear for the holiday festivities:


I’d wear this if I have those knees. Kidding, I like the shape and how loose it is on the body. Still, you can see that it’s cinched in the waist somewhat that you’ll still retain a certain ladylike body architecture.

| Michelle Mae Cabanero

A dress with an empire waistline is a girl’s best friend. The fitted top ending just below the bust gives the illusion of a high-waist appearance. The skirt has a rebellious asymmetrical hem going on and because it’s sleeveless, it’s perfect for the humid weather if you’re somewhere near the equator.

| Anaivilo B.

A red evening gown with halterneck styling and an open back, is a chic option to wear for more formal settings. The halterneck style helps give the illusion of a longer neck and an overall elongated torso.

| Anoushka P.

A red shirt dress should be considered for a more relaxed setting. To dress up the dress, wear strappy heels and a statement necklace. Tie your waist up with a thin belt to bring back the curve if necessary.

| Raquel Falomir

A red skater dress is pretty. Rendered in romantic lace, it is heart-stopping. Carry a black bag with gold chain and slip your feet into boots with gold buckles for the perfect dose of restrained modern elegance. A hat will not hurt.

| Pepa C.

A red dress with lace sleeve peek-a-boo, low square neckline and peplum waist? Consider yourself in the presence of a serious party dress! Wear with killer high heels and you’re good to go. If heels do you no favor, wear a kitten heel or a wedged shoe.

More red dress style ideas and ways to style them:


| creative set designed by Dore’

How to wear:A red dress

| creative set designed by Andreea Negruvoda

Lady In the Red Dress

| creative set designed by Raye

Untitled #34 #red

| creative set designed by Jovana

Which red dress is your favorite? Let us know below!

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”Oscar Wilde

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