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Fashionista NOW: 7 Hoodie Style Tops For A Casual Sporty Vibe

7 Hoodie Style Tops For A Casual Sporty Vibe

A post dedicated to fans of hoodies who are hunting down for a sweatshirt or cardigan that is hooded.

I remember writing one of my earliest posts years ago how I was utterly smitten with tops or outerwear that carry a hooded back and now as we near the end the year 2016, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and have decided to wrap the tail end of the year by dedicating a post to the hooded sweatshirts and cardigans.

Hoodies whether they’re in the form of sweatshirts or outerwear make for a cold weather staple. It allows for your head to be covered when needed or if you’re trying to get away from certain people by hiding yourself in plain sight. I personally find hoodies rather cozy with a touch of sporty appeal that can cater to both gender seamlessly. Hoodies are part of a fashion staple that can be worn by anyone of any age except for those who dislike the style, of course.

If you’re into the sporty fashion trend, a hoodie can be a great way to punctuate your look with a laidback athleisure vibe while keeping your body warm when the temps drop. The unisex vibe of a hooded sweater or outerwear goes awesomely with an androgynous style of wardrobe. If you’re hunting down for hoodies, below are some of our personal favorites! Enjoy the selection!


Acid Blue Denim Knit Hoodie


| shop here


Black Pullover Hoodie


| shop here


Casual Grey Hoodie


| shop here


Faux Shearling Hoodie


| shop here


White Lace-Up Crop Hoodie


| shop here


Hooded Patched Sweatshirt


| shop here


Long Grey Hooded Cardigan


| shop here


Which hoodie style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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