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Fashionista NOW: How To Sprinkle Your Christmas Holiday Wardrobe With Sequins?

Wearing sequins doesn’t have to be complicated. Get a sense of how to wear sequins with the help of these street style fashionistas from across the globe.

If there’s the best time to whip out your sequined pieces and wear them all either from head to toe or in a single-sequined piece format, it’s definitely now. The new year is on the horizon and before that a slew of holiday festivities line up for those aiming to gather and celebrate. Whether you choose to wear sequins in casual or dressy outfits, that is wholly up to you but I personally like the mix and match effect of wearing dressy sparkly pieces with relaxed staples.

And for that, I’ve taken to Lookbook, my favorite spot to eyeball street style fashion mavens from all walks of life to absorb some of the coolest ways to wear sequins without jeopardizing the sight of onlookers and yourself when you look in the mirror. Enjoy!

How To Incorporate Sequins Into Your Casual/Dressy Holiday Ensembles?

| Ruxandra Ioana

| Eleonore Marie Stifter

| Patricia B.

| Kinga

| Kimbly Wright

| Stephanie Jenkins

| Sonya Thaniya

| Joyce Nunes

| Jenn Lake

| Sarah

| Eri Driva

| Zunera Serena

Which sequined look is your favorite? Tell me how would you personally dress in sequins? Share below – I’d love to know!

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