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Energize Spaces With These 10 Handcrafted Suncatcher Styles

Suncatcher Styles To Consider 2020
Credit: AnnSmythStainedGlass, Moonziecrafts

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Find yourself looking out of the windows to catch a break during the WFH quarantine life? Why not decorate the space with an ornament meant to raise the level of your mood? Consider: Suncatchers

I was given a gift in a form of  a crystal suncatcher when I was in my early twenties. The twist, though? I was clueless that it was called a suncatcher. It was a flower-shaped  crystal prism. Some of the crystal petals broke away from the main piece and being completely clueless about fixing things, I chucked it away! In retrospect now, obviously I could have extended its lifespan. Anyway…

Just recently I spotted a pretty stained glass decor for placing near windows referred to as a suncatcher and I thought, well, that would pair up perfectly with a dreamcatcher. While perusing for visually-striking handcrafted suncatchers on Etsy for variety, I realize that peculiar feeling of having been missing out on having a light-catching decor! I must stay that I’m slightly enchanted by these reflective things. Okay, honestly, obsessed more like!

If you’re one to love having things that catch little sun rays and turn them into a visual feast for the eyes, then these are some of the most exciting handmade suncatchers ever crafted for you to consider:

Sun to suncatchers: Catch me if you can...

Rainbow Stained Glass Suncatcher

...handcrafted by ColourAndLightGlass

Geometric Glass Suncatcher

Geometric Glass Suncatcher

...handcrafted by GLASenGLAS

Hedgehog Suncatcher

Hedgehog Fused Glass Suncatcher

...handcrafted by OlgaTuretskaArtGlass

Stained Glass Angel Suncatcher

...handcrafted by Mooziecrafts

Iridescent Heart Suncatcher

Iridescent Glass Heart Suncatcher

...handcrafted by neilsglass

Flower Glass Suncatcher

...handcrafted by Spinkelglas

Butterfly Suncatcher

Stained Glass Butterfly Suncatcher

...handcrafted by Moonziecrafts

String Heart Suncatcher

String of Hearts Suncatcher

...handcrafted by TheGlassyCraftCo

Rainbow Prism Suncatcher

...handcrafted by ZingyCrystalWorks

Moon & Starts Suncatcher

Rainbow Prism Suncatcher

...handcrafted by AnnSmythStainedGlass

Where to place suncatchers?

Anywhere where natural light comes through is a good place to start. You can have them hanging out or inside your home near a see-through glass window or door depending on the make. It’s got to be a sturdy one if you’re going to hang it outside. Take into consideration the weather and temperature of your locality.

Personally for me: inside near a window is the best so you know that the cute suncatcher you just pawed will be in a great condition and last a long time as it’s not directly out there taking in all the intense weather elements.

What are the benefits of suncatchers?

They add a mood to the space and if you’re about that, then you know that it’s an instant visual delight, a quick pick-me-up. They bring in good Feng Shui. The suncatchers absorb the positive energy of the sun and elevate the energy of the space via specks of light and rainbows. I don’t know about you but I love watching how light changes the feeling of an environment. It’s soothing and can trigger a meditative mood.


So, folks: Which suncatcher is your favorite? Where do you usually hang your suncatcher? Spill everything below!

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