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Fashionista NOW : Dreamcatcher Earrings To Wear For A Dreamy Outfit Vibe

Dreamcatcher Earrings To Wear For A Dreamy Outfit Vibe

Need to inject a dose of dreaminess into your outfit? Wear these dreamcatcher earrings.

If you’ve been following Fashionista NOW for a while now, you’d have an inkling that along the way I’ve mentioned about dreamcatcher-inspired jewelry in a post focusing on neckpieces that feature the native-American-inspired ornaments.

I can’t say that I’m personally obsessed but I can see why they’re easily loved. Something about them induces feelings associated with being watched over and they are used for that purpose as well. Anyway, this post will have you drooling over earrings that are inspired by the dreamcatchers because they are so beautiful I surprise myself for not noticing them any sooner.

Well, okay, I’m currently in a habit of surprising myself these days and it’s kind of cool, but my random self-inflating comment aside, I hope you’ll find the dreamcatcher earrings as dreamy as I did when my eyeballs first saw them last night.

You can wear them with your boho chic outfits or simply punctuate a minimalist getup with a touch of carefree dreaminess via these earrings. Enjoy!


Bronze Bohobronze-boho-dreamcatcher-earrings

? | Estibela


Antique Bohemia


? | HarmonyGardenDesigns


Beaded And Feathery


? | BoudoirDuChaman


Beaded Bohemian


? | Estibela


Icy White

Fashionista NOW : Dreamcatcher Earrings To Wear For A Dreamy Outfit Vibe

? | FeatherandFlame


Which set of dreamcatcher earrings would you want to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Home, I learned, can be anywhere you make it. Home is also the place to which you come back again and again.”Margaret Mead

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