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Fashionista NOW: Mesmerizing Stained Glass Geometric Earrings

Mesmerizing Stained Glass Geometric Earrings

Credit | ArtKvarta

These statement geometric earrings will adorn your earlobes stunningly that you’ll wonder why you have not worn them any sooner.

Looking at ArtKvarta’s stained glass jewelry collection is heaven to my eyeballs. I love the expressive metalwork that runs throughout each piece and how the stained glass in vibrant colors lift up the spirit. With geometric shapes as the underlying theme that I find so endearing, the collection of earrings you will see below features at least one triangle shape in their design, something you may delight in if you’re into triangles.

The richness of color and intricate metalwork together give rise to earrings that lean on the side of edgy bohemian with an industrial bent. I don’t know why but I sense a fluid movement in each piece of the earrings (as well as other jewelry on their shelves) that somehow introduces something refreshing in the modern jewelry scene: The presence of flowy curvy lines together with the more rigid straight ones. Instead of being confined with for instance, the angular triangle, creators of ArtKvarta, Yu and Ed, bring in their artistic soft curves through their metalwork giving their jewelry a distinct fluid impact.

To see what I mean, you can witness it yourself as you allow the unique artisanal stained glass earring designs to imprint upon your visual landscape.

I hope you will adore them as I do too. Enjoy!


Blood Orange Statement Geometric Earringsblood-orange-statement-geomeric-earrings

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Blue Triangle Stained Glass Earrings


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Red Triangle Stained Glass Earrings


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Green Triangle Stained Glass Earrings

Fashionista NOW: Mesmerizing Stained Glass Geometric Earrings

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Orange Triangle Stained Glass Earrings


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Red Long Triangle Stained Glass Earrings


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Which geometric stained glass earrings would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love these stained glass geometric earrings? Don’t forget to show ArtKvarta some real love!

“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.”Vironika Tugaleva

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