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Fashionista NOW: Global Man Bun Styles For All Types Of Hair And Length

Global Man Bun Styles For All Types Of Hair And Length

Image Credit:  Suren Seneviratne | Markus Braun | Marco

Man buns are happening and men all around the globe are obsessed. Check out the man bun styles that are currently worn by men with various length and type of hair for a quick hair inspo.

Ready to see the buns that are decorating heads of men across national lines? Let’s go!

Gather your man bun squad because 3 man buns are better than one:

Make a fashion statement with your man bun this holiday season with a pop of flannel:

A photo posted by Juan Luis Tovar (@juanluistl) on

Wear your man bun high and proud. Long beard optional:

If you’ve got long luscious hair, do this whimsical man bun iteration to set you apart from other garden-variety knots:

A photo posted by Marco (@marcovalparaiso) on

Think man buns are only for hot weather? Think again because you can totes sport a man bun when it’s freezing cold:

A photo posted by Markus Braun (@braunsen85) on

If you can’t do man bun alone, do it with a friend, family member or your partner:

A photo posted by Santhosh Kumar (@santo_edward) on

Man bun with braids – now that’s taking it to the next level:

Got a really long and thick hair? Man bun all day, everyday:

A photo posted by Lasse L. Matberg (@lasselom) on

Guys, what do you think of these man bun styles? Are they cute or what? Ladies/Lads: would you like it if your partner embrace the so-called hipster man bun trend? Share your thoughts down below – I enjoy reading them and will reply.

For those of you whoo would like to give the man bun or top knot a go but have short hair and cannot wait for it to grow: Did you know there are clip-on man buns in existence? Now everyone can wear a faux bun anytime, anywhere!

“The truly fashionable are beyond fashion.”Cecil Beaton

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