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Fashionista NOW: Wrap Style Dresses, Culottes For Christmas 2015

Wrap Style Dresses, Culottes For Christmas 2015

Wrap dress styles to wear for Christmas plus culottes with a demi wrap styling to help diversify your sleek party wardrobe this season.

Earlier on today, I was eyeballing bodycon dresses to see if there are any stand-out for a fashionista to wear to the upcoming holiday parties and I spotted a dress with a charming wrap style skirt which you will see below and just like that, I needed to zone in on this very charming wrap style instead.

The wrap style trend in fashion is not a new occurrence. Sometimes used together in the design of tulip dresses and skirts which still lurk in and out of fashion seasons, it is a look you’ve definitely seen yourself before. The difference in the 2015’s wrap style seen in clothing lies in its diversity and how it is used in combination with other on trend elements such as the more relaxed and sporty silhouettes and a minimal color palette and an overall utilitarian construction. Obviously, there are major loud colors that will always pop out come party season and along with it, light-catching glitter coming from the use of sequins and other sparkly fabric either as a primary statement or strategic embellishment.

Getting back to the wrap style utilized in clothing in particular, a wrap dress is one of the most iconic fashion inventions, made perfect and unforgettable by Diane Von Furstenberg in the 1970s although its history stretches way back into the 1930s and, interestingly, it was deeply associated with the American designer sportswear tradition.

For many women, the wrap dress continues to be a go-to party frock staple. These days, you will see the signature wrap style design present not only in dresses but also skirts, shorts, blouses, culottes and jumpsuits. The wrap design isn’t just restricted to the the neckline or hemline wrapping (or appearing to wrap_ around the wearer’s torso but is also made used in an extra layer of fabric decorating the front of shorts, as in skorts and much subtly, in the way these demi wrap culottes are constructed:



Check out the party-worthy wrap dresses below and a blouse in the design to see the versatile silhouettes that result from it. These are all available for your shopping pleasure on Zalora Malaysia.


Do you wear wrap style dresses? Like anything from the list above? Share below – I’d love to know!

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