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Fashionista NOW: Online Shopping Binges, Half-Dressing, All You Need Is ONE Skirt

Credit | Tia T.

Has the internet caused you to spend because you can? Do you go nuts with online shopping and prefer it more than to your store-to-store hop using legs? Is your back account giving your nightmares? Read how you can stifle this reckless behavior and embrace half-dressing that has nothing to do with mayo and vinaigrette portions.

I read about half-dressing on The Guardian and felt like elaborating more about it. When half-ar*ing for a party, rely on a bit of a clever wardrobe planning that involves selective attention being paid on the lower half. Yes, you can slip on spellbinding party pants but for the purpose of this piece, we’ll focus on a slew of pretty skirts so party-worthy everyone will be distracted by it that they’ll ignore the rest of the jigsaw puzzle pieces of your party getup.

Now, I will say that this method is truly a savior when it comes to folks like us who like eyeballing trends without actually emptying our pockets in the spirit of getting in on what’s-new and what’s-next. Fast fashion ultimately isn’t sustainable and I live by what my mom’s taught me: All that is old will be new again. Treat the clothes you buy with respect, no matter if they’re from the dusty thrift shop or glossy high fashion boutique.

Reading about the wasteful behavior of chronic shopaholics who buy things only to wear them a couple of times or worse, chuck them away because they can afford to keep the spending habit has made me quite aware that there is an element of reckless consumption fueled by a need to buy, buy, and buy because they can, and the Internet blunts our impulse control. After all, it feels all too easy to part with money when only keyboard-button-clicking and mouse-scrolling are involved that when we hit purchase, the ever-omnipotent page that directs us to all kinds of online methods of payment come greeting us at no fuss at all.

Imagine shopping like a cavewoman using your body to hunt from store to store and experiencing cramps in the calf region because shopping doubles as a workout and finding out your wallet’s empty or thta you’ve left your magic plastic somewhere. This kind of unexpectedness can put a pause to our impulse, makes us rethink, break our autoshopper mode but with the advent of online shopping, things escalate pretty fast and people like to say in jest that they’re boosting the economy but do they know what’s going to happen to all those clothes accumulating in the collective closets of enthused fashionistas who live on shopping binges? Read this to put it all into perspective.

And so, in the spirit of taking it down a notch, I’m all for clever shopping and because half-dressing supports this very principle, I call you and I, everyone, who shops to practice a bit of mindfulness! Of course, you can treat yourself but know when you’re going overboard for no other reason than because you can.

When all we shall be focusing is the lower part of our party attire which happens to be a skirt, then let us eyeball some the skirt styles that can give an outfit just the right sprucin’ for the party we’ll be in attendance, shall we?

Tulle + Flower Applique

| Emily Men

Princessy tulle with flower accents decorating all over makes this quite a lovely party skirt. Rendered in blushy pink, you can be sure that pastel lovers need a skirt like this like pronto.

Feathery Tasseled Midi

| Lotta-Liina Love

Midi skirts are super popular this year. This one is delightfully furry and is sure to be a scene-stealer no matter what outfit you wear it with.

Textured + Flared

| Josephine E.

A black skirt might seem safe but if you’re quite knee-deep into the modern minimalist fuss-free look, get a black skirt that sets it a part like these textural horizontal lines that also play peek-a-boo.

Patterned + Wrapped

| Sabina B.

The louder the pattern or bolder the color of your skirt, you know it is made for a jolly occasion. You can alternatively opt for a mix of print play and creative design as in the skirt above that has an asymmetrical wrap construction rendered in a black and white palette.

Pretty Pink Sequins

| Elizaveta Buldenko

I’m not a wearer of sequins but I actually had a moment admiring the beauty of this skirt! The sequins are larger than the default and the pink sheen is so pretty, it looks like scales on a mermaid.

So peeps, what do you think about the half-dressing technique for parties? Do you have episodes of binge-shopping? How do you manage your online shopping behavior to reduce acts of mindless consumption that is rampant in the age of the Internet? Do share your deepest thoughts – You know I love reading them and will reply!

“…the tragedy of consumerism: one acquires more and more things without taking the time to ever see and know them, and thus one never truly enjoys them. One has without truly having. The consumer is right; there is pleasure to be had in good things, a sacred and almost unspeakable pleasure, but the consumer wrongly thinks that one finds this pleasure by having more and more possessions instead of possessing them more truly through grateful contemplation. And here we are, living in an economy that perpetuates this tragedy.”Brian D. McLaren

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