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Fashionista NOW: Wolf Print Fashion Inspiration

Want to wear the edgiest animal print ever this holiday season? Welcome the wolf pack into your closet.

The wolf symbolizes sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, appetite for freedom, and expression of strong instincts.

Of all the animals that’s been featured in fashion, the wolf is considered the mightiest of them all and if there’s an animal to be worn proudly on your person as a talisman, the wolf is it.

Wolves made it into the spotlight of fashion as an Autumn trend to sport back in 2012 and their predatory presence can still be felt as this year nears its expiry date.

In my mind, the wolf’s presence as the chill takes over, with the backdrop of snow (or rain) as the year ends, paints a magnificent portrait.

I must admit though that this piece was triggered by a slew of picturesque images of wolves from on Pinterest.

For no reason that I could pinpoint to (as I never ran a search on it), it is the animal that keeps popping up as I scroll down the page, high on a pinning mode that it’d finally hit me that I’ve completely missed this glorious animal’s existence in fashion.

I didn’t expect to find much, but wolf prints decorating tops, from tees to sweaters are kind of the bomb.

For those looking to bring about dark, fierce and mysterious vibes into your daily-to-holiday outfits, I’ve rounded up wolf printed looks that may just get you howling in excitement.

Note that all of these looks center upon tops that are stamped with awesome wolf heads, either looking off the distance all broody and whatnot or showing off their fangs as a signal to back off or somebody is going to hurt. Pretty festive, eh?

Check them all out here:

wolf print tee – Zara

wolf print shirt – Montreal Gift Shop

studded wolf print top – Asos Marketplace

vintage wolf print tank

wolf print tee – SH

wolf print shirt – Crow

wolf print sweater – Zara

wolf print top – Yococo, Sinfashion

Dear Cherry readers: Would you wear wolf printed tops and make a fierce statement this holiday season? Shout out below, it’s free!

“To run with the wolf was to run in the shadows, the dark ray of life, survival and instinct. A fierceness that was both proud and lonely, a tearing, a howling, a hunger and thirst. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst. A strength that would die fighting, kicking, screaming, that wouldn’t stop until the last breath had been wrung from its body. The will to take one’s place in the world. To say ‘I am here.’ To say ‘I am.”O.R. Melling

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