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Fashionista NOW: Holiday Party Sequins Fashion Inspiration

Although sequin decorated clothes have been made casual by the shimmery fashionistas, they are still much a part of the holiday party wear. Wonder how to inject tasteful doses of glam into your holiday party outfit? Read on.

I must admit that I’m not a casual sequin wearer and thus see the appeal of keeping sequins into the narrow party category for when the mood to shine and shimmer is often expected and not dismissed as over the top. After all, who runs errands in iridescent dresses?

I can see the appeal of sequin shorts and skirts partnered with casual tops, but they are for sure NOT going to be worn by me. Glittery attention isn’t a necessity in my life, I would say, but who cares, it’s a matter of preference, after all.

But for the holiday party seasons, sequins can be your bestest of friends!

Unlike un-shimmery gem-less pieces of clothing, anything with sequins seems to have the power to delude vain friends and family members into thinking that you actually put in more effort into the wardrobe department.

Ah, the illusions of sequins. They cut outfit-planning time by half or more.

Quick sequin-wearing tips:

Sequin-adorned duds are best worn by keeping it one sparkle-laden piece at a time.

When wearing a dress rendered in the glittery gems, the complementary outerwear, accessories and shoes should not compete with the dress lest you catch the attention of the fashion police.

The level of shine emitted by them should be at a reduced level so as not to blind onlookers.

If a sequined top or skirt is to be worn, partner with something non-glittery and non-printed, for safe measure.

Without further ado, here are sequin-themed looks that may help you organize your party look in a jiffy and without drama.

sequin blazer – Nasty Gal

sequin collared blouse – Seventeen Origins

sequin dress – Antik Batik

sequin peplum skirt – Nasty Gal

sequin high low dress – Jovonna London

sequin babydoll top – Sugarlips

Ready to party in style clad in shiny sequins? Which of these sequined looks makes you want to sparkle? Share below, it’s free!

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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