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Fashionista NOW: Peter Pan Fashion Inspiration

Here’s Peter Pan to save the day and get your holiday party outfit all sorted out.

Christmas fashion often centers upon color trends like reds and greens. And we all know that sequins make appearance all year for as long as there are parties to attend regardless of season.

What if you’re eyeing for something a little retro yet chic?

With the holiday season coming in full swing, it’s understandable that some of you may be in rush and in need of a party outfit idea that isn’t too high maintenance; one that is perfect for the day and can be extended into the night.

Something that is simple yet not too simple that you’re mistaken for a slouch.

Call it the economical and practical look that doesn’t sacrifice style at all. I present to you, the peter pan style.

I’ve always thought those sweet feminine collars are simply precious and endearing and they tend to give a blouse or a dress a look of retro sophistication.

They’re all-year relevant and the presence of these flat and rounded collars on dresses and blouses lends a classic and dressy look that is simply missing without them.

For a boost of party outfit ideas that are low-key chic, check out the selection of peter pan collared looks below:

peter pan collar dress – Crossroads Trading

peter pan collar dress – Dahlia

vintage peter pan mini dress – Everybody’s Buying Vintage by Shopebv [Etsy]

peter pan collar chiffon blouse – Wholesale7

peter pan collar long sleeve dress – Spirited Away Fashion, Romwe

retro-inspired peter pan collar dress – Ruche

My favorite peter pan style duds from Etsy (click image to head to the store):

pixie peter pan dress

pixie gray dress – FleetCollection

peter pan dress

peter pan mod babydoll dress – GravelGhostVintage

peter pan collar blouse

peter pan blouse – BreathOfYouthVintage

peter pan tunic

peter pan tunic – KCloth

Would you rock out in a peter pan style garb this holiday season? What other festive fashion trends do you see yourself wearing as you celebrate with families and friends? Share below, it’s completely free!

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.”Carolina Herrera

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