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Fashionista NOW: Chic Brown Outerwear Fashion Inspiration

Want to take a break from out-there colors? Consider brown.

Brown is the color of comfort, warmth and honesty. It stands out by letting other colors shine. Brown is the color of delicious chocolate that I’m about to munch in a bit.

Choc-munching-business aside, brown outerwear like sweaters, cardigans and coats do really make for a timeless cold-weather relevant staple.

Being a muted and earthy shade, brown symbolizes practicality and groundedness.

The wearer of brown shades of clothing reveals that she is comfortable being in the background.

She reflects approachability and reliability. There is orderliness and organization in her no-fuss ways as she places straightforwardness and loyalty above the rest.

In societies where standing apart from the curtain of predictability and conformity is celebrated, brown and its derivative hues are considered dull and the wearer is often labeled as stingy, boring and lacking in sophistication, which I personally think as total subjective bunkum.

With December bringing bouts of wet and bone-freezing weather, nothing beats the appeal of insulating our bodies in cozy brown outerwear.

The laid back casual shade ensures that it can be whipped out for just about any occasion, from errand-running sessions, brunches with old pals to a dinner date with your favorite bloke.

For a quick tip on how to sport brown outerwear in style this season, cast your attention to the lookbooks below:

brown cape coat

brown belted coat- Romwe

brown cropped sweater – Zara

brown trench coat with checkered detail – Stylish Plus

brown blazer – Have A Looook

brown military coat – Romwe

camel brown wool coat – Céline

Which of these cocoa-hued outerwear would you wear? Do you like the comfort of wearing brown shaded clothing? Or do you find it to be direly boring? Share below, it’s free!

“The great attraction of fashion is that it diverted attention from the insoluble problems of beauty and provided an easy way — which money could buy… to a simply stated, easily reproduced ideal of beauty, however temporary that ideal.”Theodore Zeldin

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