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Fashionista NOW: Rose Print Fashion Inspiration

A dose of rose prints to spruce up your lazy to dressy wardrobe.

There are days where the garden variety vague mix of floral just don’t cut it and you want something specific, like a rose print.

Not daisies. Not tulips. If you’ve ever had one of these days, and your need for a print-specific wardrobe is making you go mad and that the floral print in demand is that of a rose, read on.

Roses are red,
Who cares for violets,
When chic rose printed duds,
Are where it’s at.

Wearing rose patterned clothing, in the cool part of the year is completely doable. Unless you’ve got a wardrobe rule to abide and that, we all know is utterly subject to change (IF you’re aren’t that OCD).

Whether the rose prints are flushed in vibrant colors or kept minimal in that monochromatic styling which this year’s fashion is apparently all about, there is just a variety of looks to be derived from the introduction of a rose print styling.

Pick rose patterns that are large, medium, small or a mix of everything for the choice is naturally up to you.

With any print-themed look, it’s wise to keep the rose print piece the main focus. But if clashing prints is the way you style your wardrobe, then by all means, go for it.

Not only does this print is perfect for any casual laid-back look, you can up the ante by wearing a rose print dress, for a dressier holiday look.

As always, for an inspiration on how to inject rose prints into any outfit, kindly scroll down:

rose print dress – In Love With Fashion

black rose print skirt – H&M

rose print pants

rose brocade skirt – Front Row Shop

rose print sweater – Romwe

rose print collared blouse – Miru Miru | rose print skirt

rose print dress – In Love With Fashion

Dear Cherry readers, which of these rose-themed looks tickle your fancy? If you despise roses, what is your go-to flower of choice that you won’t mind wearing as a print? Share below!

“It is impossible to be completely abstract about clothes because they have no life unless they are worn. They must fit onto a body or they do not exist.”Elizabeth Hawes

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