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Fashionista NOW: The Strange Trend Of The Heel Less Shoes

Shoes without heels or heels without heels are a strange addition to the fashion circle. But would you wear them for real? Read on for a ranty analysis on this strange shoe trend.

These shoes do not have heels but they have an elevated/platformed base where the soles of your feet rest. They’re like heels, but without heels, get it? The unique idea was given birth by a British fashion designer, Antonio Berardi who equates daintiness with walking on tip-toe:

“When you walk, it is almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty.”

So, if your idea of daintiness comes along the line of walking on the tip of your toes, I bet you’ve already owned a pair of these bad boys, huh?

I have huge feet and a distinctive style of walking that puts me in a high risk of tumbling down even when I’m wearing tumble-proof flats. So I’m not about to stuff my feet in these heels. Sorry, Berardi!

While I appreciate the fun, out-of-the-box aspect of fashion, shoes without heels seem to fall deep within the category of Halloween accessories. They’re horrendous, to be honest.

And to be blunt, they’re strange-looking! I can only imagine how tiring it must be to walk around like you’re planning to creep up on someone.

Leaning back suddenly will start an awkward reverse somersault… And after a few drinks, it does not matter whether you’re leaning back on your heels or creepin’ forward with your toes, both will promise a spectacular fall. So beware!

As much as I am impressed with Wicked Ying’s (above) fashion sense, unfortunately, I have to pass on the walk-on tip-toes trend.

One hilarious comment that stood out as I perused over fashion forums regarding this trend:

“I know, imagine what you would look like walking around in those high heels. You would walk like a wounded duck. Everyone would stare at you like what’s your problem. But maybe that’s what Antonio Berardi wanted to achieve.” – IndieVixen.

If you’re going to a party that celebrates the fashion-forward no matter how insane and impractical it is to be caught wearing break-your-legs heels, I believe it’s alright to rock out in these, as long as you have the company of a good-looking someone who would not pretend that they don’t know you the minute you trip down on the dance floor.

Is it just me, or is Kryz looking pleasantly tickled as strikes her poses in those shoes. The middle pose looks particularly amusing as she tries to balance herself by crossing one leg over the other. And that is very telling! It’s like a beginner’s try at piano-playing and he/she is obsessing over which fingers to put down on which keys.

If you’re nuts about this shoe trend, please make sure that you’ve sufficiently walked around in them that you do not have to mind your own legs while you walk! Not cool!

Mellisa’s wearing a spiked heel less boots to achieve that long but peculiar hook-leg look. Forgive me, but that is how her legs end up looking. Her legs would look a million times better in casual sneakers! Her outfit is perfect minus that scary spiky chunky things.

Kara wears an edgy shredded tee that’s indeed shredded to perfection with flared pants and a pair of shoes without heels. From the photo, I sense that she’s a little bit drained out after walking around tip-toeing that she has to take a sit and sob just a bit.

The shoes are grand for photography and that’s about the only good thing I have to say about them. Remember, even if they don’t have heels, they still hold your legs at an angle that strains your leg muscles. So wear them wisely if you choose to wear them.

High Heels Health Risks Confirmed By Study

So what do you think of the heel less shoe trend? Do you find yourself going nuts over them? Are they quirky and futuristic or more of a disaster all around, not just for the tumble-prone? Drop your thoughts down below.

Heel Fanatics – Lita Shoe Trend Obsession

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2 comments to Fashionista NOW: The Strange Trend Of The Heel Less Shoes

  • missredcarpet

    They don’t make you look like a lady. They don’t look like tiptoes. They make you look like a horse. They look like hooves!

  • Panda

    From what I’ve seen they look great for alternative fashion, because you’re not necessarily meant to look ‘normal’ but maybe not so much mainstream just because of how they look when put with certain looks. but they do look like you’d easily break yourself or someone around you…

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