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Fashionista NOW: Fabulous Floral Dress Ideas For You Floral-Loving Types

Floral dresses are a part of a seasonal trend that will always be in fashion. Here are some beautiful floral dress ideas and fashion tips for when you want to look floral-y glamorous.

I must admit that it can be tricky to wear floral prints as they are also a staple of granny’s wardrobe that you’re at a high risk of looking like you’ve just gone through a fashion rut and started to dig around in aged (and adorable) people’s closet. But worry not my dear, there’s a way of wearing floral dresses without transforming into your meemaw.

So let’s take a look at some of these fashion photos and hopefully be inspired to go floral.

Bright colorful floral prints are perfectly awesome to wear as the sun peeks out when it has a body-accentuating cut. Patricia wears a studded chunky belt over her floral dress so as to make sure her hour glass feature isn’t drowned by the blooming petals.

And here’s another eye-catching colorful dress idea:

Rachel-Marie wears a captivating vintage 60s cotton floral dress with a vintage woven belt and a vintage purse. You could tell that the color brown balances out the colorful floral prints from her dress. Her brown clogs are a perfect finish to her look.

The button up floral dress worn by Autilia exudes a vintage feel. The colors of her floral prints are earthy and I just love little ruffle details near her chest and sleeves.

To complement the earthy subtle mood of her dress, she wears a pair of nude boot with dark brown accents and a handbag in beige on her shoulder.

Don’t hesitate to bring a pop of color into your floral get-up by including a pair of bright yellow cardigan to spruce up your look. Cindy’s sleeveless collared dress has a sheer overlay that drapes gently over her figure.

For a cute quirky effect, she wears a pair of black boots, black handbag and a pair of trendy round glasses with thick black frames.

If it’s a bit cold where you are, even when it’s sunny out, it’s pretty cool to wear plain tights underneath the floral dress. Nadia wears a green theme floral dress with grey tights and a clutch. Remember that a floral dress is visually very ‘busy’. So keep it simple, girlies.

Alexandra’s jacket has bold and colorful floral prints that stand out in the background of cream white color. She keeps it stylishly minimal by wearing a contrasting black top underneath and black shorts with a peek of lace. Black sandals complete her floral-themed number.

For you ladies who are crazy about pastel hues, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to floral dresses. There is a whole world of pastel floral print dresses out there. Mayo Wo rocks her stunning pink cardigan over a pastel floral dress that carries a soft waistline, a statement elephant basket, nude hat and heels.


Stephanie D. wears a green and purple floral print combo asymmetrical dress. She adds in a skinny pink belt to give her dress a bit of structure and a pair of nude heels to complete the look.

Floral dresses are visually out there and they’re best worn with very minimal accessories and a perfectly done face that looks fresh and glowing with sun-kissed goodness. Are you a floral-loving kind of fashionista or do you feel that flowers are only good when they’re on the soil or in a bouquet? Tell us below.

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