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Fashionista NOW: Fashion Tips On Wearing The Sheer Maxi Skirt Trend 2012

Maxi skirts are in fashion but but what’s the story with the sheer maxi skirt trend? Are we ready for it? Or is it still too risque?

For fashion models on runways and celebrities, the sheer trend can be rocked to the extremes that most average folks wouldn’t want to be caught dead in them. When our aim of stepping out of the house is to run some routine errands while looking stylish, we don’t mean to go gaga.

Thus, the sheer maxi skirt begs the question of practicality and mental health. Slash the last bit, I was humoring you!

The practicality of wearing a sheer maxi depends on the presence of a slip or a skirt under the sheer overlay so that you’ll not be parading what’s meant to be hidden.

When I first stumbled across the trend, I admit I was far from being taken in by it as opposed to the sheer top trend.

But after seeing it a while worn by effortlessly stylish young fashionistas, I believe I’ve found a few vital tips that will make the sheer maxi trend an alluring statement piece to own and to rock out in.

Scroll on for some fashion tips on how to best wear the maxi sheer skirt.

Wearing a sheer maxi with nothing underneath except for a pair of underwear is really out of the question. It is not fashionable when it borders on freaky. You’ll be attracting the attention of the wrong kind. So unless that is your primary aim, please kindly wear a sheer maxi that has an underskirt or slip that covers your gems.

When you’re wearing any bold statement fashion piece, confidence is a big key factor. The sheer maxi exudes alluring and mysterious vibes but if you’re walking around feeling self-conscious in it, it defeats the whole purpose of not letting your clothes speak louder than your personality.

That, is just the biggest fashion crime, IMHO. So, apply your makeup, but do wear tons of confidence down your sleeves before stepping into a sheer skirt, girlie.

Sheer maxi skirt with pleated details (above) is a lovely piece to own as the pleats and thickness of the material will make it not terribly too transparent for a casual day out or even a formal gathering.

So if you would like to try the sheer trend without appearing too exposed, pick sheer overlays that carry pleats, lace or crochet features. The presence of such details or patterns will tone down the sheerness of your skirt.

A black sheer asymmetrical maxi skirt with a mini underlay is stunning and can be paired with any type of top/blouse. You can pair it with a floral tank top (above and below) for a fun semi-casual look. Or you can pair it with a formal cream/white blouse for a more professional (and trendy) look.

The sheer overlay will make your look feel dressy and lightweight at the same time.

For the illusion of longer legs while wearing sheer skirts, wear shoes that have heels or wedges and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re one to play around with textures, I bet you will love the combination of a shredded knitted top with a sheer maxi skirt worn by Kookie B. The Lita boots complete her all-black look. It’s amazing how a mix of different textures can spice up an all-black outfit. I just love it.

And here’s another knit top plus sheer maxi combo that is perfect for a day/night out.

Black sheer maxi skirt is a great starter piece to own if you’re new to the sheer trend. Because black is considered a safe color and that it can be paired with just about any top or blouse, you will ease into the trend and get a hang of it first. And because a black sheer skirt is a fashion staple, you’ll wear it often and before long, you’ll find yourself ready to try out more of this sheer fashion goodness.

So ladies, what do you honestly feel about the maxi sheer skirt trend? Do you love it? Or is it one of those loathsome trends that you hope will go quietly out of fashion? Tell us in the comment section below.

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