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Fashionista NOW: Tartan Fashion Trend Inspiration

Tartan, plaid, patchwork or whatever you want to call it is checking right back into the fashion spotlight as the season eases into Autumn.

What was a 90s trend which had then assimilated into the punk fashion subculture is revived yet again in 2013 with a modern and tailored spin to appease the contemporary fashion-forward masses.

If my memory’s to be relied, highschoolers in my small town in west Malaysia had been sporting tartan inspired shirts.

Didn’t exactly recall if the print styling was referred to as a ‘tartan’ but that it was commonly worn among youngsters and adults alike that the ‘trend’ had simply retreated in the fuzzy background of my consciousness.

Battling with post-puberty hormonal and behavioral changes, who could blame the oh so innocent fashion-indifferent teenage me. Now when I think of it again, I’d wager that it was then referred to as ‘checks’ or ‘checkered’.

Tartan VS Plaid VS Checkered/Checks

Unfortunately, tartan is not to be mistaken for the checkered trend. While the print styling for the latter consists of a repetition of simple squares of two or more colors, tartan is a woolen cloth woven in one of several patterns of plaid in which the design is associated with a particular Scottish clan.

And though the present fashion world has by now utilized the terms ‘tartan’ and ‘plaid’ interchangeably to pinpoint to a general checkerboard style, you’d be miffed to note that as far as genuine definitions of these terms go, we are mighty confused.

A plaid is actually a rectangular woolen scarf of a tartan pattern worn over the left shoulder by Scottish Highlanders. On this piece, however, tartan is loosely used to imply the many patterns of plaid.

Are you confused, now? Great! Now, let’s move on.

On my personal end of the closet, I’ve yet to own a single piece of tartan inspired clothing safe for a single checkered top with spaghetti straps.

This year’s tartan trend however seems to be exuding a vibe that is worth checking out.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s just leave it to the lookbookers to give you a fresh new perspective on the tartan fashion trend:

tartan jumpsuit – Paradox

tartan trousers – Darkside Clothing

vintage tartan shirt – Pendleton

tartan trousers with pocket and leg zippers – Mango

tartan dress – Glamorous

tartan blouse – Mango

tartan leggings – Black Milk Clothing

tartan skirt – Zara

So, have YOU completely jumped on the tartan fashion bandwagon? Do you see yourself wearing any of these looks? What do you call this print style usually? Plaid? Checks? Tartan? Bloody square thingy?

Drop your thoughts down below real quick because it’s free.

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