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Fashionista NOW: Sweet & Subdued Floral Dress Fashion Trend Inspiration

With bold and bright colors being popular in fashion this year, it can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes, a girl just wants to embrace her girly side clad in a muted floral dress. Read on for some sweet summery floral dress inspiration.

As with everything in life, there’s a time and place for everything. So is with fashion. Loud and graphic floral dresses may be appropriate for a certain setting or season that most probably will also depend on your mood. But when you’re looking for the simplest of floral dresses, it should be one that is gentle on the eyes and a clean-cut no-fuss silhouette.

Sundresses with subtle floral prints, made of light airy fabric are heaven-sent especially now that the sun is shining ever-oh-brightly outside. If you’re searching for dresses with small not-too-graphic floral prints, you may find the selection below relevant.

When choosing for the perfect sundress, the details do matter. Do you prefer something with a short or longer hemline? With sleeves; do you want them short or long or simply none at all? Are you looking for a floral dress that carries lace and other extra embellishments? Do you require a floral dress that can be worn semi-formal/formal; one with preferably more structure and tailored features?

Sometimes, it’s best to be specific in order to get a near accurate picture of the perfect floral dress that fits the occasion, your body type, and budget too.

Below are some floral dress ideas.

Wonder how to pick a dress that complements your unique figure? Here’s a video that will help:

Fashionista NOW: How To Pick A Dress For Your Body Type

Fashionista NOW: Modern Flower Power – Graphic Floral Print Trend

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