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Fashionista NOW: Summer Sun Visor Fashion Inspiration

Sun in your face? Or worse, people? Block them all out in style with the new breed of trendy visors.

The fashion world saw the mild interest in visors back in 2012 as high fashion designers like Louis Vuitton and Lanvin featured them as a resort-worthy accessory to sport. Kerry Pieri from Harper’s Bazaar was a true trend psychic when she stated in her piece that visors were a burgeoning accessory.

Fast forward to 2014, the visors are on a completely new level.

Renamed as a ‘paparazzi visor’ after one V. Stiviano wore an iridescent yet humongous visor to hide her face from the world and mainly the paparazzi, following the whole hoopla with one racist Donald Sterling, the sudden interest in visors rose to staggering proportions.

Although the visor’s re-entrance into the fashion limelight started on a twisted foot, it should be noted that these sight-shielding armory were once just another tool with a another function.

The earliest kind of visors were referred to as the green eyeshades worn by aaccountants, telegraphers, copy editors and others engaged in vision-intensive, detail-oriented occupations from the late 19th to mid 20th century. They were worn for a less than glamorous reason which was to reduce eyestrain from harsh incandescent lights that were used at the time.

A sports or sun visor is a crownless hat which consists of a visor or brim with a strap encircling the head.

Sported by athletes as the strap may be utilized as a sweatband and to protect eyes from direct sunlight that can impede efficiency during game time, it must have taken a short while before the visors gradually appeal to the non-athlete masses.

When they become part of a relaxed sunny day wear at the beach or anywhere else, it’s only natural that they get under the ever-lurking fashion radar and while they were highlighted earlier as a resort trend, 2014 is the year for visor-wearing.

How to choose the right sun visor?

The purpose of wearing a visor is to protect your eyes and bits of your face from the sun. For celebs or people pushed into the public glaring and judgmental eyes as unwilling participants, sunnies along with a reasonably-sized visor could be the perfect heaven-sent pairing unless turning into a hermit is preferable.

However, if you’re looking to make an unabashed fashion statement with a semi headgear that blocks most of your face and get attention while doing so, colorful oversized mirrored visors preferably with some very in-your-face embellishments are your go-to.

Aside from the mirrored style, visors are also made in various fabrics such as raffia, straw and neoprene. For added oomph, they are also rendered in embroidery and other adornments for maximum visual impact.

Depending on your taste, an all black visor with buckles is a wearable option as it blends with all types of outfits. A statement visor (regardless of size) bold in color and pattern, on the other hand, needs to be coordinated well with your outfit.

And because they are to be worn on sunny days if we are to be honest, it is wise to pick them in a material that easy to rinse-off-and-dry like neoprene, for instance.

Alright, as always, scroll on below for fun ways to rock the visor this summer:

sun visor – eBay

mirrored transparent visor – Alexander Mcqueen

black visor – V&D

sun visor – Starstyling


visor with cat ears detail – Larissa Hadjio

Sun Safe...

bianca visor – Helen Kaminski

visor .

lilac visor hat – Alexander Lewis

Summer Visor

black buckle visor – Larissa Hadjio

What do you think of this sudden fashion obsession with visors? Do you think they have a place in your summer wardrobe? Would you personally wear a giant visor like Stiviano when under duress? Let us know in the comments down below!

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”Coco Chanel

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