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Fashionista NOW: Statement Pants For Hari Raya 2013 Celebration

A look at some statement pants and how to wear them on Raya or days after countless gobbles of delicious kuih muih, ketupat and rendang this Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Let’s get real: After the first or a few days of Eid, wearing peplums, baju kurung and kebaya with long fishtail skirts, some may want to call it a day and break into comfy-for-chilling-out yet suitably-celebratory clothes as after all, the celebration technically lasts for a month.

So what do we whip out then? Something that don’t scream slob for sure, yet not too much of a hassle or high maintenance will be much appreciated.

And all I can think off besides denim jeans, is statement pants! By that I mean pants that have some style of prints and patterns on them.

Below you’ll see a few trendy printed pants fit for wear as you go about those extended Eid events and gatherings. What are you waiting for? Dive in, divas!

scarf printed pants – Zara

Nothing spells maximum air ventilation and comfort when you slip into these lightweight pants with batik-like prints. A statement of color and prints, this outfit is visually-rejuvenating (thanks to the vibrant blue shade) and the detailing at the back of the cardigan adds a textured interest.

pants in aztec prints – Pacsun

White on white may be a little too visually-empty. Breathe life into an all white outfit with a dose of black and white aztec prints and some texture on top.

A sweater’s a little too heavy for the humid tropical weather though so you can replace it with a breathable white top that has beading or lace detailing. Ladies of pastel inclinations may rejoice as a total white (with bits of black) ensemble is the ultimate background for accessorizing with baby soft pastels.

printed harem pants in B&W – Seventeen Origins

Another black and white look and it doesn’t end because it’s on trend. Stripes in whimsically abstract prints like this are a bold statement. Tie the look together with a splash of neutral brown, by way of accessories and you’re the picture of utilitarian chic.

printed trousers – Zara

Anything green is a win because we all know that it is the color of 2013. Give it a twist by wearing a pair of green printed pants paired with a sleeveless top. A chunky glittery necklace is all you need to turn this casual look into something a little dressy.

floral pants – SM

If floral print pants alone don’t cut it, slip into a pair of gold glittery heels and give us a big smile. For gals who must have some textured element going on in their wardrobes, well, wear a knitted top but make sure it’s in a muted tone and more importantly made in breathable material (because we all know how mighty fantastic Malaysian is).

polka dotted pants – Topshop

Get spotted in dotted pants. See what I just did there? No? Never mind. Wide leg pants with black and white polka dots are just so right. Remember to keep your top in a muted solid block of color.

Unless you like neon; then you can get decked out in that too and be the ultimate scene-stealer. Or clash prints, which I personally do not recommend. Unless of course, it’s your thing!

zebra print silk pants – Sass & Bide

Can’t end this Fashion for Raya series post without some animal prints now can I? Channel your bohemian spirit with a pair of pants in subtle zebra prints. But these are made of silk, so make sure you’re in some place completely air-conditioned because no one likes the feeling of clingy fabric sticking om sweaty flesh.

So how do you like the selected statements pants we have on here for today? Will you wear any of the print styles for Eid celebration this year? Comment below and thank you for swinging by!

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