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Fashionista NOW: High Low Style Tops

The high low trend seen on skirts has been in for quite some time that it’s only natural to see it appearing on shirts and blouses too. Question: are they appealing on all figure types and heights? Check out some tips on how to wear tops with high low hemlines the right way.

When I first caught a whiff of the trend, I thought, ‘Hey that’s creative. I like the superhero/villain-y effect of the billowing tail of the skirt/dress/top and it looks windy-day appropriate.’

While it is technically easy to slip on any type of clothing, ensuring that it will look good on you is another matter altogether.

With asymmetrical hemlines, it’s so easy to work against the figure that you have. Petite, tall, slender and curvy girls must know that there’s a trick to wearing the hi low trend so that it highlights and flatters their natural body shapes.

Scroll below as I unleash a few tips and tricks on getting it right with hi low tops:

hi-low top – LF Stores

Asymmetrical tops in solid colors of navy blue or black are great as they emphasize the ‘lines’ of an outfit. In the image above, you can see the contrasting effect of the black high low shirt with the white underneath. This top has a subtle hi lo feature that will work on most body types/heights.

hi-low sweater in pink – Forever 21

With a slouchy off-shoulder top in pink like this, it’s easy to carry the high low trend without it appearing too out-there as it’s paired with a casual soft blue denim. The ‘lines’ are not that accentuated and thus this hi lo style can be worn by gals of any shape and form. Nude shoes are your best friend if you’re looking for additional vertical elongation.

high low top – Forever 21

I’m loving how androgynous this ensemble is. Spend a moment to appreciate the whimsical layers and you’ll notice she’s only piled a faux fur collared sweater over a hi lo top. The peeking of an asymmetrically-hemmed top underneath a slouchy sweater lends a modern edge to this simply casual getup and those boots, they’re just brutally awesome, aren’t they?

hi-low sheer top – Lush

Now moving along to a more feminine getup. Check out the ‘slashing lines’ created by the contrasting floral lace jacket, sheer top and them black jeans.

The higher the front hemline is, the more legs you’ll see. For girls who’d like more leg height, always opt for a hi-lo top with a shorter hemline at the front. While the jacket here works on her figure, it can be a little to busy up top if you’re broad-chested.

Remember: Any hemline that is lower than the knee will take away more height from your figure.

high low beaded blouse – Haute & Rebellious

This exaggerated hi low blouse is not for everyone. And on petite lassies, it can prove to be a bit much. This style is more suited for leggy females. A bit of cinching is also helpful if you want to bring some curves back into your figure.

high low lace top – DailyLook

Clean lines, muted tones. This is how you work a hi low top with lace sleeves in cream and let it steal the scene. The black leggings and equally black ankle boots create a long vertical line that add inches back into your height.

high low leopard top – MinkPink

Summery bright outfit great for days out in the windy heat. The very extreme hi low cut along with leopard prints are statement enough for this sheer top. Those happy colored pants and heels brighten up the look even more. Not for the wallflowers at all. Petite girls can wear the top as the front hemline cuts above the navel area.

hi-low lace top – Urban Outfitters

This fishtail lace top is a strong statement piece. Paired with a black pencil skirt, the lacy look is tamed down a bit. To know if this top will work for you, try it on to make sure the front and back hemline fall over the waist and above the knee area.

Long legged females can pull this off easily. If you’re petite, try to pair this top with a similar toned short skirt. A contrasting color like the skirt worn here will make you appear shorter.

I hope you find this post helpful. If you have other tips to share, please drop them in the comment section below. Thanks!

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