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Fashionista NOW: The Cape Style Fashion Trend

A cape is an ancient sleeveless outer garment designed to fasten around the neck/throat and falls over the back of the wearer up to the hip area. Contemporary fashion has transformed the utilitarian garment into a visually-unique style that is coveted by anyone who wants to stand out.

The first thought that enters my mind when I see a cape-inspired outerwear is: red riding hood. Upon finding out that dresses with capes are quite the trend, I associate the look with costumes worn by superheroes or villains in sci-fi books and movies. In between these thoughts, I then picture hooded and caped clergymen and finally, the Count Dracula.

As with many garments that spring to existence, the cape too came from a humble beginning. It was made solely for the purpose of protecting the wearer from the harsh weather. Nowadays, capes made of water-resistant materials are utilized by the military and police forces as a uniform protection. Naturally then, it breaks into the space of maximum vanity: fashion.

Whatever thoughts the cape may spark in us, we all know that they aren’t about to fall off the face of the earth and especially in fashion, it did make a recent comeback just last year.

The cape jacket was declared to be a hot fashion trend to sport as Indonesian designers, Sebastian Gunawan and Ardistia New York introduced them in their collections during the Jakarta fashion week 2012.

For a look at how to wear the cape trend, whether as a statement outerwear or dress, take a scroll down below:

cape outerwear – Ministry of Retail

thrifted vintage cape

navy military cape

black chiffon cape dress – Oasap

thrifted red cape

yellow chiffon cape dress – Global Citizen

duffel cape – Asos

Well now, ladies and gents, what do you make of this cape style trend? Is it something you’d wear? What do you associate the cape with? The pious man, the superhero, the vampire or something else altogether? Spill in the comment section below!

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