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Fashionista NOW: Patterned Pencil Skirts Fashion Inspiration

Solid colored pencil skirts have their time and place in our wardrobes. Now that the sun, birds and flowers are making their presence known, why not go bold with patterned pencil skirts to be reflective of the season?

While a solid hued pencil skirt is a work staple when you need to ooze business, a printed pencil skirt ease into any formal-worthy and out-on-the-town attire.

This fashion season, whether you choose the floral, animal, abstract, tartan, crochet, lace or any other visual route as the style of your pencil skirt, it sure is an easy instant attention-grabber.

Unlike solid hued versions rendered in the neutral tones worn for business settings or when you’re feeling like a minimal dresser, accessories become important little things to focus upon to enliven the outfit. With a printed pencil skirt, the way to adorn yourself is to keep it basic and understated in the jewelry and accessory department.

Think of the patterned pencil skirt as the main star with the rest of your outfit coming together as to allow the light to shine on your statement maker.

If you have no time/spirit to waste on coordinating accessories, wearing a pencil skirt rendered in prints is the easiest way to present the illusion that you’ve taken the time and effort to style your outfit for that date or high tea, where there is a need to be more than just presentable to impress.

No lady’s a sloppy dresser when she chooses a visual skirt cut in a curve-accentuating style, right?

On to the serious matter of fit, we advise selecting a pencil skirt that fits you perfectly to avoid the feeling like you’ve got to hold your breath when you wear one.

A pencil skirt that fits eliminates the issue with unsightly lines or bunching that may appear when fabric gets all stretched up. While some fabrics hold and enhance your shape better than others, your first priority lies in how the pencil skirt fits you.

A good rule to follow with regards to fit is to notice how you feel when you try it on. Does it feel tight? Breathe normally and try to move around like you would naturally do.

A pencil skirt should feel snug as opposed to making you feel like you’re about to faint when you attempt to sit. It has to be able to allow for mobility as you, the human being, will need to bend, walk and jump when these occasions arise, yes?

As always, to the lookbooks below for a quick guide on how to style your patterned print skirt and look superb:

gingham pencil skirt – Pull & Bear

bandana pencil skirt – Supercolor

floral print pencil skirt – Asos

tartan pencil skirt

crochet pencil skirt – New Look

To the polyvore sets for more delightful ways to sport the patterned pencil skirts:

Work Wear Staple: Patterned Pencil Skirt

yellow pollen print pencil skirt – New Look

Work Wear

jaeger zig zag pencil skirt – John Lewis

Work Wear Staple: Patterned Pencil Skirt

floral print textured pencil skirt – D&G

Are you ready to bring in some visual drama into your wardrobe with a stylish patterned pencil skirt? How would you choose to style it? Share below and let us know!

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”Coco Chanel

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