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Fashionista NOW: Knee-High Gladiator Sandals Fashion Inspiration

Channel your inner (fashion) fighter with a pair of gladiator sandals. Not just any gladiator sandals, but the dramatic knee-high kind. Are you game?

Gladiator sandals with straps that grazes your knee caps are the season’s ultimate edgy footwear for spring and summer this year. They are not mere sandals to get you from point A to B on a warm and humid day but extension accessories that put your presence on the spotlight.

Whether its boot-like rendered in cutouts style is loved or loathed, it’s clear that the youth division blessed with long stems is going to appreciate the addition of knee-high gladiator sandals into their summer wardrobe.

Worn as heels or as flats, these gladiator sandals let the wearer channel their inner warrior through a choice of footwear that traces back to the brutal times in the ancient Roman period.

Once considered a practical footwear worn for highly-trained fighters on lethal battleground, the new crop of women’s gladiator sandals are in contrast a very self-indulgent affair.

This summer sandal trend returns like a resistant fashion’s seasonal flu every year that we can predict its future comeback next year. For the fussy fashion crowd, the knee-high gladiator sandals may spark gleeful adoration, pure dislike or ultimate indifference.

For me, personally, on my stubby yet long legs, they just do not do justice to my shape.

Knee-high strappy sandals are not that forgiving on certain figure types.

Does the wearer have long proportionate legs that still go on for days when she wears knee-high gladiator sandals? If so, then this trend must work like a charm. And even if the wearer has long legs, it takes a certain confidence (and an obvious affinity to the trend) to pull off this edgy footwear.

On shorter legs, tall gladiator heels are loathsome as they conjure the illusion of a much shorter form when it chops up the straight line of your torso and tell me honestly, who in the right mind would appreciate this? Surely, nobody!

But alas, hot trends are fodder to the great distortions we allow to occur on our usually sensible fashion sense.

If it looks good on Rihanna, we (some of us) can’t want to wear it ourselves. This sets us up for major frustrations and body image problems.

Anyway, as far as the gladiator sandal trend goes, I can wear the short flat and slightly platformed ones and I’ll have to give the knee-high a pass.

For the rest who have the confidence and legs to pull off the tall gladiator sandals, scroll down for some fashion imagery to find out how to best wear them in style:

gladiator flats – Vaintage

tan gladiator sandals – Jeffrey Campbell (JC)

high gladiator sandals – Stylishplus

white gladiator sandals – JC

black gladiator sandals – SW

To the polyvore sets for more ways of sporting the gladiator kicks:

Conjure the gladiator

extreme gladiator sandals

205. The Summer Clash x ShopSpikesandSeams

lavish gladiator sandals in black – Nasty Gal


#229 by rea17 featuring a bead bracelet

la cage gladiator sandals – JC

High Gladiator Sandals

studded gladiator sandals – JC

Would you consider wearing knee-high gladiator sandals for some serious footwear statement? What is your general perception of this trend? Let us know in the comments!

“Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels.”Bertolt Brecht

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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