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Fashionista NOW: Invest In A Vest ~ The Fun Outerwear Trend

Spring fashion often zeroes in bright colors and diverse prints. What if you’re looking for a fun outerwear instead? Cue in vests! Vests are versatile transitional outerwear pieces that have now come in a variety of styles that it would be a crime not to have one or two hanging in your wardrobe.

From traditional utilitarian denim vests, tuxedo-style, tough biker-inspired, feminine lace or crochet to colored/printed ones, you can be sure that the addition of any one of them will up your style points.

Giving your ensemble an added interest with a specific edge, depending on the look you’re aiming for, the vest also adds a layer of warmth. So if it’s cold where you are but not cold enough that you’d be obligated to don a thick button-up coat, why not layer it up with a fun vest of your liking and let your arms dangle free to catch the soft spring breeze or humid heat of the tropics?

In Malaysia, it’d be most practical to choose vests that are made of light cotton material that allows heat from the body to dissipate quickly. But if it’s extremely humid out, don’t bother wearing it outside; wear it inside while in artificially-chilled buildings like your office or the mall, instead.

It’s funny to observe this phenomenon actually. While in the western world, people get out of theirs coats once inside artificially-heated buildings, here near the equator you’ll experience the exact opposite! We’ll be in layers inside because of the AC.

So, if you’re already overwhelmed with excitement about the vest trend and want to up the level of your style this season with something fresh, kindly scroll down below and grab quick style pointers from global street fashionistas.

Hype up the looks if you love them :)

ombre style denim studded vest by Forever 21

denim vest by Romwe

tuxedo-style vest by Choies

black denim vest by Tusc Boutique

vintage crochet vest

long vest by Wagw

off white vest by H&M

Do you like these vest-oriented looks? Which one is your favorite? What style of vest that you most prefer? Share below, please.

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