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Fashionista NOW: Outerwear Fashion ~ Investing In Trendy Vests

Layer up in style with fashionable vests that come in a variety of design and material this season.

The vest is the lighter version of a full-on jacket or cardigan which is also more fun as it’s apparently missing two sleeves.

While a historical reading may teach us that the vest was actually more utilitarian in nature as with almost every other thing created by man, we have now come to a point where vests are made to appeal to the fashion senses of our species.

Vests are perfect for just about any weather as they come ready-made in different weather-appropriate materials from leather (great for chilly weather) to cotton (for the sunny side of earth).

Depending on your unique taste in fashion, you could choose to wear a floral vest that’s a bit dramatic or a stick with a denim vest for a casual chic look.

Layering up with a vest is just another fun aspect of fashion that can bring the style factor of your outfit up a notch. You can wear your vest over a maxi dress for an added structure or just casually throw it over a graphic tank top and jeans combo.

To show you how to wear vests fashionably, I’ve rounded up a selection of style-conscious lookbookers to do just that.

For something similar like the vintage floral vest worn by the beautiful Luanna (above), have a look at Floral Fire Work shop on Etsy.

Bernadette (above) is wearing a vintage vest in green that adds a pop of color.

Sietske is wearing a white leather vest over her mint green top. For the chilly ambiance of her location, this makes perfect sense. If you’re in a tropical place like Malaysia, it’s best to avoid vests made in leather as the heat will drench you in sweat and regret.

I love the contrast made by the earthy brown vest worn over the black of Nadia’s top.

For those who love texture and some fringe, the crochet vest worn by Alexandra gives a very bohemian feel to her whole look. For something similar minus the fringe, have a look at Apple Branches Vintage shop on Etsy.

Aurora transforms a very laid-back casual number into an edgier one with a black vest that features some stud detailing on the shoulder area.

Kryz takes a chance by mixing up the more masculine military vest with her feminine lace top and white shorts.

Heather’s care-free vibe is reflected in the way she dons her denim vest (removed from a dress, she says) over a plain shirt paired with a sheer peach skirt.

Black biker jacket, kitty top and a tutu skirt? Well, Tricia definitely works the quirky combo with this one.

For those who want to turn an old boring jean jacket into a vest, College Fashion has a super easy denim vest tutorial that will give your wardrobe an instant update.

So, what do you think ladies? Are vests back in fashion? Comment below.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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