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Fashionista NOW: Vibrant Eye-Catching Color Trend ~ Neon Fluorescent Shades

Colors in fashion are reflective of seasons or more whimsically, the mood of the wearer or one that he or she would like to exude. With bright electric neon colors making a glowing return as the sun makes its existence even more known here near the equatorial, aren’t we’re all excited to don some fresh acidic pop of colors?

Even for those who are where the cold is flesh-searing, the thought of wearing spring-y dashes of neon colors invites the kind of warmth that is easily recognized by color-sensitive fashion enthusiasts. You know who you are. The elaborate discussions with tired roommates or ‘debates’ about the ‘right’ kind of color to wear before heading out even if it’s just to get the mail. *wink*

Now, I’m pretty sure not everyone in this world fancy getting all clad in traffic-stopping neon hues because ‘it’s kinda trendy now’ and that is just as it should be, so that we can spare ourselves the misery of looking like fashion drones.

Diversity in fashion inclinations, just like in thoughts and ideas, is very needed. Else, we’d just keel over from terrible boredom and that’s worse than catching the flu virus.

Anyway: Neon colors for me, are only recently mildly appealing. Perhaps, that’s just because it’s my task to ogle looks from fashion-forward bloggers and lookbookers..But opinions do vary of this one though. What I call fashion-forward, may end up being a ‘fashion-bore’ to some. So..

Back to the vital subject at hand: I only prefer neon outfit looks that are either focused only on showcasing one main acid color or just a combination of neon accents used very sparingly. The appeal of the all-over neon look that enthusiastically clash more than 2 major electric colors, is simply lost on me.

So that said, here is a selection of fashion conscious lookbookers sporting the neon color palette in their outfits in such a way that does not spell neon madness. These neon-themed ensembles are day-appropriate and can be worn for the evening out as well.

Breathe life into your wardrobe with these neon-oriented looks, pronto!

clutch by Bardot | Rings by Lovisa

neon blue sneakers by Primark

neon green jumper (vintage)

neon necklace by Romwe | neon heels by Sergio Rossi

neon coral shorts

neon yellow pants | neon yellow flats by Hebe Manila

knit jumper by ZARA

So, do you like keeping it minimal with the neon trend (like I do) or do you prefer wearing neon brights from head to toe? Share below!

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