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Fashionista NOW: Flowy Maxi Skirts In Various Colors

There are days for figure-hugging skinny jeans and leggings; but every girl knows flowy maxi skirts can give her a break on days when she just wants to embrace her femininity or more so to give her legs a bit of a breather.

Maxi skirts are perfect for Malaysian humidity.

They make ladies suddenly appreciative of this piece of cloth that gives maximum ventilation. They get to flip it around with their hands and legs to mobilize the air that may have gone still for some reason and still manage to look adorable.

Now, the straight super-macho males of our species will never get to do this for obvious reasons. Though there’s the sarong if they fancy the traditional look of their fathers and grandfathers but let’s be honest, no modern male wears them out to be fashionable, eh?

Getting back on topic: We ladies get the best of both worlds and more particularly in fashion that it’d be a waste not to diversify our wardrobe.

If you’re a gal who thinks that you only need jeans to head out, think again. There are days when you will feel constricted that you will blame your weight, which we do not recommend unless it triggers a positive mood for exercise and healthy diet.

We do, however, highly suggest spicing up your modern androgynous wardrobe with maxi skirts of monochromatic colors.

For those skirt-wearing ladies, you may want to give your maxi skirt selection a color and design update if you want to.

How to Wear Maxi Skirts:

Scroll on below to see how the lookbookers wear their maxi skirts.

What do you think of maxi skirts in general? Do you like wearing them floor-length or just up to your ankles? Share below.

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