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Fashionista NOW: Fashionable Young Men Who Love Fashion

The men’s world of fashion has undergone repetitive evolution over the years, but most fashion experts agree that the 21st century has been quite objectively a blend of the best elements of all the previous fashion eras.

And that it can’t be stated enough that one man’s fashion may be loathed by another man with such passionate proportions. A woman, on the other hand, may simply be envious of another woman’s style but will quietly admire the other and attempt to imitate or transform the fashion trend to make it her own.

Woman’s fashion and its innate competitiveness aside, let’s check out some of the most influential on lookbook young lads who just know how to look their very best in their second skins and exude tons of admirable confidence while in them.

This piece is made for all the blokes who love fashion that they make the moment of stepping out of their houses a moment to awe and amaze.

So, here are a carefully chosen selection of fashion photos of cute men that are worth sharing.

Wearing a snakeskin shirt underneath a black bomber jacket, Paul Jatayna transforms a casual look into something more celebratory and elegant in a subtle understated manner. If you’re a guy looking a way to add some pizzazz into your outfit, why don’t you give snakeskin a chance?

You have no idea how hard it is to scour for blokes who color-block, but phew, Mc Kenneth L. here wears them proud and loud.

Guys usually stay away from color-loud trousers but I think it’s refreshing to have them in your favorite color or two just so you can pair ‘em with a shirt (of basic color) and get you in a different mood for the day or night out.

I am not sure how this baggy top, skinny bottom black pants come to exist, but they sure look unique, don’t you think. At first I thought Elias was wearing shorts over a skinny jeans, but regardless of how the pants came to be, the final look is just eye-catching that I had to share this with you.

Since it’s an all black affair, it’s vital that you wear tons of confidence and sass down your sleeves at all times.

Fashionista NOW: Why Meggings Are Hated With Passion

A brown cardigan over a shirt, skinny jeans and well-teased hair. Wait a minute? A cardigan? Oh yes, some guys wear them too!

But if you think of it like a jacket but with a lighter and airy material, I bet you’ll get over the part where cardigan was mentioned! Hate the terminology lads, but don’t hate the style and comfort.

A safe casual look that is detail-oriented will often show that you pay attention to how you look and that is a real plus. Ayoub here is wearing something that any guy would probably have worn but he makes sure that his posture is straight and is wearing a ‘Man, I know I look good’ pout. A little bit of grin wouldn’t crimp the style, though.

Remember that while your clothes can say something about you, your personality will be either steal or miss the show.

And here’s another yet casual shirt, jeans with boots look that most guys will not shy away from. It is a safe look that exudes comfort and practicality. It says that you’re okay blending in with the crowd and still look startlingly poise.

And here’s another one – Mike has a statement-grabbing hairstyle that reveals a personality that loves to style up his mane. If you’re sick of your current hairstyle and are tempted to jazz it up a little bit, try the Mohawk hair trend – you’ll definitely stand out amongst heads equally-covered with hair.

The kickers (shoes) can be an easy way to make a statement. In the picture above, David is sporting a crayon yellow hiking booties that will stay in the memory of folks he happened to pass by that day.

There’s a quote about being a woman who loves fashion because not only do we get to wear the dresses but a variety of pants as well. Men, however, only get to wear pants. I think that if you’re a man who’s in a fashion rut and one who will never wear dresses, find for shoes that will quickly kick you out of that state of mind.

And don’t be afraid to wear ones with bright colors, as long as they’re comfortable!

The dude staring at you in the fashion photo above is wearing stuff you probably own, but do you own the confidence to wear whatever comfort clothing you own and make a statement of it and not be bothered by what others are sporting at the moment? I hope you do.

Are you a male fashionista who love fashion? Do you get obsessive over your appearance and pay close attention to it on a daily basis more than the average girl? If you are, then you’ll be one to move men’s fashion forward. Congratulations!

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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