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Fashionista NOW: Bring Out Your Wild Side By Sporting Print Leggings!

Print leggings are bold and they come in a variety of patterns and colors that they can bring out some funk into any outfit if you give ‘em a chance.

There’s talk about how ridiculous the printed leggings trend is and that they have the tendency to make even slim legs stubby but before you make up your mind, just give them a try and decide afterwards.

Let’s look at some photos and get educated on some fun fashion tips and tricks when sporting these loud leggings.

It’s understandable that animal print leggings may appear intimidating at first if you haven’t tried them before. The best way to rock the leg-hugging prints is to make sure that you pair them with something monochromatic.

It is vital that your top covers your rear end for obvious reasons such as protruding posteriors are visually-intrusive.

Wanna look grungy instead of girly? Pair black and white flower print leggings with a tie-dye grey-black baggy tee and shoes or sneakers.

And here’s another way that you can tame the loud prints by wearing them with a casual worn out t-shirt and some accessories.

Say you’re dressing up for clubbing, pair metallic print leggings with a white sleeveless tank and some cool-lookin’ wedge boots. Keep your bling bling to a minimum and you’re good to go. Remember that less is more. Let the metallic shine of your fancy leggings speak for themselves.

There’s no rule that says you should avoid pairing printed leggings with a graphic top. But I’m not saying you should go crazy with prints from top to bottom. In the photo above, the zebra shirt looks pretty alright paired with the bold leggings.

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If you love wearing heels, then by all means wear them. Graphic leggings can sometimes shorten an already short figure, and by wearing heels/kitten heels, you’re giving some inches back to your height.

Here, you can see that her nude wedges add some inches into her height. Leggings by nature show off your natural curves and that makes it important for you to be comfortable and confident with your body shape.

If you feel like they pull/tug at the area around your waist to your thighs and accentuate parts that you want hidden. Solution: Simple – Just wear a longer top.

Personally, this is something I’ve faced too and another way to eliminate the problem altogether is to choose leggings that fit my legs best and I have made it a point to avoid slippery fabric material that slides.

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With less dramatic printed leggings, such as the one above, you can complement them with a cute baggy shirt over a coat or cardigan. You can wear feather hoops, carry a sling back and put on your favorite shoes. Just make sure that you keep the colors coordinated.

What I love about wearing leggings, with prints or not, is that I can play with layers – I wear my tunic top with a cardigan or jacket over it.

With printed ones, it’s fun because you can test your creativity and pull out a unique look for example, by pairing a sleeveless top/off-shoulder tunic with a long lacy/woolly one-tone cardigan.

To learn more about how I started loving leggings, kindly read:

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