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Fashionista NOW: Autumn Lace Fashion Inspiration

Lace has gotten under the fashion spotlight as this year’s much coveted Fall trend. So how does one make lace a scene-stealing feature or statement in your wardrobe? Let’s find out.

As a matter of fact, the ladylike delicate fabric has been a constant throughout the year as it’s also spotted at New York Fashion Week as high end designers like Just Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta and Dolce & Gabbana unleashed their lacy designs on center stage.

To say that lace is IN would be to say the air we breeze is on trend.

The lace industry went back as early as the 17th century in Northern Europe. The sheer appeal for lace had seen it decorating everything from collars, shawls, dresses to door knobs!

Lace used to be an elaborate feature of opulent royal dresses but as years pass on, creativity and innovation from rebel designers and street fashionistas have helped pushed it into the contemporary world.

Now, lace that adorn blouses, skirts and dresses are everywhere. From casual to demure evening dresses, you just have to name it.

Not only are these delicate fabrics landing in closets of the ultra feminine women, they’ve crossed that line altogether by appealing to other females of varied styles, interests and ages.

With a diverse lot, it’s only natural that they would input their own unique spin on the sensual sheer fabric turning it into a whimsically girly, casual chic or dark and androgynous interpretations.

Worn as an accent or purely on its own, the modern lace trend is here to stay and based on how you choose to organize it into your look, you’ll be sure to be in such a delight to find that lace is versatile enough to be part of just about any outfit.

For an idea on how to wear the lovely lace for fall or any other season, take a scroll down below:

lace skirt – iAnyWear

lace dress worn like a skirt – H&M

lace shirt – Banggood

pink lace crop top – inlovewithfashion

lace vest – Zara

lace badge cardigan – iAnyWear | Munster shoes – Sleeh

lulumari blue lace cardigan – ModCloth

black lace shorts – 2020AVE

Will you be wearing lace any time soon? Which of these lace-adorned looks is your favorite? Share below!

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