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Eyes in Fashion: How Style Bloggers Wear Anything With Eye Prints

Nancy Qian wearing The Baron’s Eyes blouse.

This is a lookbook post to show how bloggers wear the eye print trend.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Eye prints and motifs are part of the quirky fashion trend that has been in and out of the fashion scene for many many years. Eyes in clothing and accessories are definitely not a new thing as they’re prevalent in the iconic evil eye jewelry niche.

There is an unexpectedness when one gazes at a piece of clothing with eye prints and this adds to the novel appeal of such a motif. Eyes staring at you with lashes flaring up act as a symbol of an entity looking back at you and that can in a way cause the onlooker to pause and perhaps, look within.

With all the masked faces we’re familiar with in the public sphere right now including our own, it can feel like we’re all walking eyeballs. And eyes, well, they are indeed the windows to peer into the soul, as we’ve read/heard so many times before. With more than half of our faces cloaked, it can feel like some parts of our personality is allowed to be private. As an introvert, it curiously gives me a feeling of freedom even though I’d whined about the mask being a nuisance at first. Now that it’s become second nature, I kind of like the veil of anonymity a masked face provides as the lower part of my face is now able to relax and not have to put on airs while out in public.

That said, it made me think about eye prints worn in terms of a fashion choice and this post curates all the cool eye print looks worn by bloggers

Find them all below and enjoy! One of them is mine – see if you can spot it!

Eye prints in fashion: How bloggers wear them ...

Charlotte rocks a sun and eye long sleeve top in a look that’s casual yet edgy.

Georgia in her winking tee abstract style.

Essy in her mini eye print high neck dress..

Julie wearing her own handpainted eye print blouse. How artistic and chic.

Shanaz and her winking tote bag. Hi, it’s me! #lol

Maze renewed her vintage denim jacket with handpainted eyes that make a statement. Wow!

April loves her outfit combo and that includes her eye print skater skirt.

Carolyn sports a denim pinafore with embroidered eyes.

Amy creatively created an eye out of her navel and had the hem of the top perky with long lashes.

Gina all decked up in her eye print jumpsuit.

What do you think of these eye print-themed looks? Which one’s your favorite? How do you usually style your eye prints? Drop your thoughts down below – We love hearing from you!



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