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Fashionista NOW: Does Celebrity Status Have A Greater Impact On Fashion Community Than The Designer?

More and more celebrities are getting involved with the fashion world, whether it’s to release their own line of clothing or to team up with popular fashion brands to help them advertise their products. Many fashion brands are now using celebrities as part of their fashion campaigns to generate more interest in their clothes or accessories.

Celebrities choose to get involved in the fashion world to help promote a particular brand or because it enables them to use their status to achieve their fashion goals. Many celebrities have started out in the fashion industry by modelling collections from popular fashion houses and then gone on to create and release their own designs. A celebrity may also choose get involved with a popular brand to maintain a high profile, particularly if it is an ongoing fashion campaign such as a television advertisement.


Celebrity Status’ Impact On Fashion Sphere

Stylish high-status celebrities have more of an impact on the fashion community, as people often choose to buy clothing that they see a particular celebrity wearing rather than focusing on the brand. Fashion lovers, particularly younger generations, are more likely to be inspired by their favorite celebrity’s style and will copy their look regardless of the brand. Some fashion lovers see particular items of clothing or fashion products as stylish and acceptable to wear simply because they have seen a particular celebrity wearing them.


Credit: conceptx_design | CC

With more focus being placed on celebrities that are attached to fashion labels, there is no doubt that celebrity statuses are starting to get in the way and preventing conventional fashion designers from enjoying the success that they deserve. Whilst a fashion designer will need to work hard to get their designs well known, celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyoncé have achieved almost instant success, with the latter already launching her own label. It can take much longer for talented fashion designers to become a household name.

Another reason why celebrities may have a greater impact on the fashion community than a fashion designer might is due to social media. Some celebrities have millions of followers on social networking websites such as Twitter and Instagram, so can easily promote brands or their own fashion lines and generate lots of interest. Instagram in particular is a popular website amongst celebrities, with many using the website to show their followers sneak peeks of upcoming fashion collaborations. Whilst conventional fashion designers also use these websites, celebrity posts and photos are much more likely to have an impact.


Credit: NRK P3 | CC

There are pros and cons to having a celebrity market a fashion brand. Celebrity endorsements will help to bring in new customers for fashion brands, as many of their fans will immediately be interested in the fashion collection or product. Having a celebrity promote a fashion brand is likely to have more of an influence on consumers, leading to an increase in sales. Celebrity status can also help to give a particular brand more personality, which means that you are more likely to associate a particular fashion product with the celebrity that is promoting it.


When Celebrity Status Overshadows Fashion Brand

The downside to attaching a celebrity to a fashion brand is that their status could end up overshadowing the brand. Many people may end up becoming so used to seeing a particular celebrity advertising a product that they may pay more attention to them than the actual products that are being advertised. Using a high status celebrity can also be risky. If something goes wrong with any endorsement contracts that have been drawn up, then this could have a negative impact on the brand.

Another issue is that celebrities who gain a high status can end up being seen as overrated, especially if they constantly appear in newspapers, magazines or are used in a lot of advertising campaigns. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan are just a few of the celebrities that Baedaily have listed as being talented but overrated. See if you agree with the full list of overrated celebrities.

Celebrities marketing fashion labels is a trend that is likely to continue. Whilst some fashion brands may end up being overshadowed by celebrity statuses, many are likely to want to continue using celebrities as it will still draw people to their products. The success of celebrity collaborations with fashion houses and celebrities’ own clothing lines shows that celebrity status does have a much greater impact on the fashion community than the designers.


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