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Fashionista NOW: 7 Bloat-Friendly Tops To Wear After Major Holiday Feasting

7 Bloat-Friendly Tops To Wear After Major Holiday Feasting

Anticipating the food belly’s appearance come the holiday season and wondering what blouse or top styles are there to camo the bloat temporarily? Answers here!

I’m not sure about you but faced with tables of delicious food, I can personally attest that it can be hard to contain the need to gobble enthusiastically. With the Christmas holidays around the corner, you just know you will be burying that pretty face of yours in all types of food and that is alright! What celebrations are for, right?

That brings us to this important question: How does one remain chic without having to fight the bloat that comes with the festivities and what kind of blouses should I wear after all the continuous feasting?

I hear you and YES, there are various top styles to go with your statement bottoms or whatever you opt to wear when you’re winding down but still in the partying mood after the after-party is over. Great news: They require no toned mid-section so you can go all out with the feasting while looking amazing.

Let us begin, shall we?


7 Relaxed Comfy Top To Complement Your Food Belly This Holiday Season


| grid top

KEI MAG’s grid top has that monochrome color story I love and yes, I think it’s cool to dress it down a little after the main feast session is over. A grid top like this is the break your tummy needs. Check out the subtle handkerchief hemline and the way the top flares out a little. Now judge how much of a food belly you will be experiencing and decide if this top can have it smartly camouflaged. As always, I do love the high neck trend and this top has it!



| white pleated swing top

Next, here’s something in white, pleated and best of all, flared as it goes down the waistline. This swing top is the picture of subdued chicness. Because it is in white, you can go nuts down below. Wear with a sparky skirt, shorts or pants. Make sure that the bottomwear sticks closer to your torso to avoid looking like a tent. Who says you can’t still ooze fashion with a stomach filled with yesterday’s food and a bloat that may just be PMS-related, right?



| metallic pleated cami top

For the ladies who can’t go without a dose of shine, here’s a metallic top in a similar flared cut and pleated detailing. Just looking at how it flares is making me breathe easier thinking about all those yummy desserts waiting after the main feast is successfully chewed down.



| double layer cami top

How about something layered and cami-inspired for a real dose of comfy factor? This top comes in 4 colors but I quite like this navy one. The double layer effect is clever because you can trust that it will have your fluffy food-happy tummy covered up in style.



| layered cape sleeve top

Cape and layers, this black crop-ish top has both and my own tummy approves. The back of this top has a criss-cross peek-a-boo because if you can’t flaunt your mid-section temporarily, why not show a little peek of skin at the back, right?



| poppy print boho blouse

This relaxed long sleeve blouse is just the sweetest thing. With small floral print all over and a self-tie bow at the neckline, this top has that vibe that it’s effortless to slip into and can be dressed up or down so easily. Of course, the keyword is: Relaxed. After all the food-stuffing, we all need something flowy and soft to slip our swollen bodies into, right?



| slouchy circle top

Lastly, a complete heart-stealer is this circle top from River Island. I swear this is the first time I’ve ever known of an existence of a relaxed tee in this specific flowy circle cut and I am just smitten with it. Its high neck, sweet short sleeves and rounded front and back hemlines are just so swoon-worthy. You can be sure that this particular top is big on letting the tummy be so you can pig out some more while looking perfectly pretty!

Now, tell us: Which of the bloat-friendly top styles are you digging? Have you ever heard of circle tops or wear them yourself? Drop your lines down below – I enjoy reading them and will reply and stalk you back!

Jolliest wishes, cherry readers!

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