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Fashionista NOW: Last Minute Shopping Stress? All You Need Are These 3 Skirts In Eye-Popping Blooms

Last Minute Shopping Stress? All You Need Are These 3 Skirts In Eye-Popping Blooms

This post is short but I promise that it will be a really sweet one because #partyskirts for a #steal.

Ladies, if you’re still in a daze and about to lose it because shopping last minute is giving you unnecessary pressure and stress and you don’t – for some reason – enjoy trawling pages upon pages of statement skirts to wear come the Christmas holiday party season, I’m helping you.

This is a list of 3 skirts, you busy bumbling lady bees ought to just grab right now.

Without further ado, feast your eyeballs real quick:


The Party Circle SKIRTs With Floral Punch



When I saw this skirt, I had to stop everything and eyeball the print, cut and price tag immediately and guess what, they come in 3 color choices and as per usual, the monochromatic one is about to run out of stock (for size S girlies, you’re in luck because it’s still there for the grabbing. For the rest, the other 2 bold ones – what you’re looking at above, and below – are still available, at only RM59.


A bold statement skirt like this is pretty practical for a girl who must run out of the door without tripping, fussing about the intricate detailing of her party wear and I highly recommend it for those who love the look of bold floral motif on a twirl-inducing skirt like this. Agree?


The Midi Floral Skirt With Oriental Persuasion


This has that popular midi length all the ladies got super stoked this year because hey it’s #ontrend. What’s even lovelier than the charming tea length is the presence of dainty blossoms decorating the hemline that just scream oriental oomph. Although pricier than the other 2 skirts previously mentioned, it’s worth getting it if you’re the type of party goer who loves the look of ladylike chic that is laced with prim and proper-ness. No doubt, you will warm the hearts of your aunties and grandmas and future potential hubbies or wifeys.


Dear magical shopper, which is your pick?



So, what do you say? Which skirt has you saying yes and ready to to twirl yourself confident, stylish and merry to the upcoming party? Unleash your thoughts down below – you know I’m nosey and like to read people’s thoughts over the internet!

Jolliest wishes! xx

“Happiness … leads none of us by the same route.”Charles Caleb Colton

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