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Fashionista NOW: Batik Goes Modern With Sweet Pastel Pareo And Sarong Style Skirts

Batik Goes Modern With Sweet Pastel Pareo And Sarong Style Skirts

Do you love the look of batik in sweet soft pastels? Then, this is a post you can’t miss!

In a world deeply connected than ever before thanks to the Internet and the various social media platforms, fashion is one of those forms of expression uniting people through the appreciation of certain trends and the diverse flavors that come from different corners of the world. Batik being one of those flavors, is making its return palpable.

In Malaysia, batik is one of our much loved traditions that extends into time. Before modern methods of clothing were available, our grandmothers wore batik both casually and formally. Over time, with the influx of modern influences, the young, who must always rebel against the familiar, viewed batik as one of the ‘styles’ to wear only when prompted to during certain official events. Outside the dress codes that demand a batik sarong or shirt to be donned, society readily shifts to Western forms of wear and denim, in particular, is one of the most embraced.

The recent passing years has witnessed a gradual re-introduction of batik into modern yet traditional staples for both women and men. One of the contemporary batik iterations that proves to be a favorite amongst the Malaysian fashionistas comes in a form of a pareo long skirt or a pencil cut maxi or midi skirt fashioned in a sarong style with pleats.

SUEKA SUEKA, an indie fashion label which I had introduced earlier in the year for their gorgeous collection of modern kebaya dresses set in dreamy pastel hues has recently revealed their collection of new batik pareo and sarong style skirt in sweet pastel batik motif, with a tight-fitting cut, indicating that batik is journeying confidently into the competitive contemporary fashion world.


Modern Batik Skirts Along Pastel Lines

SUEKA SUEKA’s Kiambang Series


| front pleats blue batik skirt



| front pleats yellow batik skirt



| front pleats brown batik skirt



| front pleats green batik skirt


SUEKA SUEKA’s Diamond Series



| brown batik print skirt



| green batik print skirt



| grey batik print skirt



| yellow batik print skirt


Do you like wearing batik sarongs? The modern batik skirt interpretation has a side zipper and hook closure making it practical and way easier to slip into as opposed to the traditional sarong that may need some skills and familiarity to secure them at the waist. Great for the tropical weather, these are made in soft breathable cotton. The pleats can be positioned to face the front, back or side according to your preference.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius

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