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Fashionista NOW: It’s A KNIT Weather Here On Instagram-Land

Knits are happening and on instagram, it’s officially knit party. With temps on low and the chill on high, it’s often the case that we are compelled to extend our hibernation mode. Hugged by a divinely soft and textural knit jumper with a warm kitty curled right beside (or a fuzzy doggy if you prefer) with a cup of mocha or green tea, nothing else matters except you staying under the cocoon of warmth that is hard to abandon.

Since it’s kind of the thing to create a mood board of some sort, I figured a knit one would be kind of neat to do. So, here’s a curated list of all the snapshots gathered from Instagram to show you that getting wrapped up in knitted things on a freezing cold weather (with a company of a cat or more) is all you need after the parties are all over.

Cozy Knit Snapshots From Instagram

| Erica Hoida

A photo posted by _HyoJe_ (@_hyoje_) on

| _hyoje_

| Lindsey Bryan

| KrasivoSpitsami

| Style by Valee

| Chelsea Adelina

| Seto Haruka Haruka Seto

A photo posted by megumi (@megupeee) on

| megumi

| Tania Kharchenko

A photo posted by Kano Ayaka (@ayaka__1023) on

| Kano Ayaka

I hope you like the knit list. Do you have a thing for knits? Can you knit yourself a sweater and not have to wait for a family member to work their sorcery only to have you label their artwork as one of those endearingly ugly sweaters you wear in jest? Share all your jolliest thoughts down below, will you?

“Color is a language, like music.”Vlady Kibalchich Russakov

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