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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Give New Life To Your Plaid And Jeans Combo

Credit | Racquel Natasha

Breathe new life into your plaid and jeans combo with the help of these tartan-loving fashionistas.

Hilary Swank and Katie Holmes have been the both spotted wearing plaid recently and if you find that the print isn’t very summery at all; well, isn’t that just awesome because by now, some of us may already be in the mood for something low-key.

I’m of the believer that YOU decide what YOU want to wear regardless of the season or what the fashion police and Kanye has to say. The accompanying fashion fads and trends that seem tied together with specific seasons are recycled, year in and out. Floral, cue summer. Burgundy, cue autumn. Pink, cue Valentine’s. Unicorn, cue dreamer. Leopard, cue feisty. Anyway, you get the picture, right?

It’s not like we are somehow rendered less sensible for not sporting the IT print of the so-called moment unless you like the feeling of outside forces dictating and stomping on your style choices. If your thing is to be gloriously clad in a total black number smack in the heat of the tropical summer afternoon, then, just do it. What is it, that the kids like to say, these days? Yes — Do YOU, boo.

Plaid or tartan is also regarded as an easy back-to-school print that the youngsters are prone to wearing, where both gals and boys get to wear together in peace without having their gender called into question. If you’re not bound in ivory towers, let that not stop you, the out-of-schooler-but-a-learner-for-life, from appreciating the piles of plaid clothing left accumulating in the closet.

Plaid and jeans make up this enticing no-brainer combo that you’re most likely to wear if you’re in the mood to dash minus the fuss. Since we could all do with a bit of a refresh (when we see fit, that is), look to the list of outfit ideas below for a quick fashion inspiration and get ready to take your trusty plaid and jeans combo out with a new stylish spin!

Pssst: In all of the looks, you’ll notice that all you need is a change of shoes to set the tone of your outfit.

With Wedge Sneakers

| Ashi Monster

With Heeled Boots

| Briana L.

With Strappy Heels

| Daniela Ramirez

With Sneakers

| Tamara Putri

With Ankle Boots

| Clair De Lune Wild Rose

With Loafers

| Danica Tries Things

Which one is your favorite plaid and jeans look? Do you wear prints to match a certain season or do you just go with your gut? I love reading your thoughts, so pour them all down below!

“I’ve always said fashion is like roast chicken: You don’t have to think about it to know it’s delicious.”Alber Elbaz

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